Boris Johnson Exposes “Plot By The Deep State To Kill Brexit”

Trumpian rhetoric being employed worldwide as the establishment’s backlash to the populist wave continues

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, a leading figure within the 2016 Brexit campaign, claimed in Parliament on Monday that the “deep state” was attempting to stop Brexit taking place.

“After two and a half of years of procrastination, the public would accuse us of setting out to publicly frustrate their wishes, and they would conclude that there was some plot by the deep state to kill Brexit,” Johnson stated, responding to the suggestion by Prime Minister Theresa May that Britain could stay in the European Union, instead of leaving on the March 29 scheduled date. “And that is precisely why we cannot now treat the people as idiots and get snarled in delectable disputations … as they will see this stuff for what it is: debating society chicanery designed to get round their wishes.”

“We can flunk it, we can vote for this deal, and we will thereby be confirming the worst suspicions of the British public about the cynicism of the elite, or else we can get it right and seize the opportunities before us,” he later added. “And when we look ourselves in the mirror, we can say that when this house came center stage again, and four years after we asked the British public to settle this profound question of their destiny, we did not miss their cue and we answered their request.”

Johnson’s exposure of the deep state drew an immediate backlash from pro-Remain media elites, who compared him to President Donald Trump and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who have been vocal about deep state subversion of their ‘America First’ political agenda.

Although these frivolous remarks are clearly intended to discredit Johnson, his decision to adopt such rhetoric is a sign of the global Trump effect. Political leaders across the world have been inspired by Trump’s victory, and are also now openly denouncing out the fake news media and calling for putting their people first.

Written by Eduardo Rivero

Eduardo Rivero is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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