BETRAYAL: Italian Prime Minister Complains To Merkel About Salvini’s Migrant Policy

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is apparently frustrated by Salvini’s lack of tolerance toward third-world foreigners

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has mostly sat idly by while Interior Minister Matteo Salvini runs amok against the globalists, but that may be changing. In a leaked clip, Conte was caught complaining about Salvini’s immigration policies to rug-munching globalist Angela Merkel.

In the released audio, German Chancellor Merkel asked, “So Salvini is against France and Germany and Di Maio is against France?” to which Conte snapped back, “Salvini is against everyone.”

“He closes everything, there’s no space, it’s different for me,” Conte said, and added, “do you remember Malta, when I said, ‘Women and children, I’ll take them by plane.’ Because Juncker told me: ‘Salvini says all ports are closed.’ I said, ‘OK, it means I’ll catch them on the plane!’ We’ll take them, of course, of course, but Angela, do not worry, I’m very determined.”

Conte apparently believes that taking the foot off the gas pedal is the way to keep his political coalition from coming apart.

“The Five Star Movement is suffering. They are very worried … they go down to 27-26 percent, so they ask themselves what are the themes that can help us in the electoral campaign.”

Several Five Star Senators have counter-signaled Salvini on immigration as well. Gregorio De Falco, Elena Fattori, Paola Nugnes, and Matteo Mantero opposed a decree pushed by Salvini and passed in the Senate, bringing shame to party leader Luigi Di Maio in doing so.

“I believe this provision will bring harm because it violates constitutional provisions and does not achieve the effects that it would like to achieve to bring more security. This was not written in the government contract,” De Falco said of Salvini’s decree ending humanitarian residency permits.

Salvini should continue fighting against globalism to secure the future of his nation. The weak individuals in his coalition can show themselves the door. Retreat is not an option. This is war, and the nationalists must obtain victory no matter what the cost!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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