Benjamin Netanyahu Refuses To Buckle To Leftist Coup Attempt In Israel

The leftists of Israel have been at war with Netanyahu trying to subvert his rule for many years now

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been under vicious attack in recent months from leftists trying to remove him from office. Similar to what is happening to US President Donald Trump, these rapacious liberals are concocting elaborate schemes in an attempt to eject a strong nationalist leader from office.

Netanyahu is making it clear that he will not under any circumstances resign, even if he is indicted. He plans to face whatever charges and prove his own innocence to the public en route to quashing these ridiculous investigations and keeping Israel great!

The Times of Israel gives the skinny on the tumultuous situation unfolding amongst the chosenites:

“Speaking with his inner circle during the run-up to Wednesday’s Knesset vote to disband and set upcoming elections for April 9, Netanyahu said that he believed Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit “won’t dare” to announce charges against him before the national ballot, the Israel Hayom daily reported Thursday morning.

Even if he is indicted, Netanyahu — who has been implicated in three criminal cases — will not cave to public pressure to step down as premier and fight the charges as a private citizen, the report said. Instead, if elected, he will remain in the top job throughout his public trial, the paper, considered pro-Netanyahu, quoted him as saying.

The law does not clearly state that a prime minister who has been indicted must resign. Rather, it says he must step down only after he has been convicted of an offense that carries moral turpitude, like bribery or breach of trust, and the appeal process has been exhausted.”

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is strengthening ties with right-wing populist allies across the globe who promise to crush socialist subversion and make their nations great again.

Netanhayu has triggered early elections as well. The Israeli Knesset recently voted to push up next year’s election from November 2019 to April 9. This will either be Netanhayu’s last stand, or a final cementing of his control over the Jewish state. Right now, Netanyahu is considered the front-runner for that election despite legal concerns. It remains to be seen if Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will levy official charges against Netanyahu before that time.

“If Mandelblit decides to postpone the decision until after the elections, many Israelis will ask — and justly so — for whom are they being asked to vote. Is it for a man who is facing charges of bribery or for a man who is facing lesser charges?” Yediot Ahronot columnist Nahum Barnea wrote, according to a Yahoo News report.

“If Mandelblit decides to release his decision in the midst of the run-up to the elections, he will be attacked by all of the candidates running on the Likud’s list, first and foremost among them Netanyahu. By what right is he meddling in the elections, they will ask,” he added.

Netanyahu will not be easy take out of power. The leftists have their hands full. If their schemes fail, it will only push Netanyahu further to the right and advance right-wing populism the world over!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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