Bannon Flaming Out In Europe Already

Marine Le Pen is distancing herself from the sloppy firebrand who was booted from Trump’s White House

After he was booted from the White House in shameful fashion, ‘Sloppy’ Steve Bannon was forced to take his show on the road. He founded the “Movement” in Europe, and recruited much of the top populist right-wing leaders throughout the continent to join his coalition.

But there are already signs that Bannon is up to his old tricks and wearing out his welcome. French National Front leader Marine Le Pen rebuked Trump’s disgraced former strategist on Monday in Rome, clarifying “lots of conjecture” surrounding Bannon’s influence on right-wing politics in Europe.

“We, and we alone, are the ones who will shape the political force that is born from the European elections, because we are attached to our liberty, attached to our sovereignty and we together, the representatives of the different peoples of Europe, are the ones who will shape the political forces that aim specifically to save Europe,” Le Pen said.

Even if he is unwanted, do not expect the megalomaniacal Bannon to stop his plans to reshape right-wing politics the United States and Europe any time soon. Although Trump may hate the man and consider him a Benedict Arnold, he still releases documentaries lionizing the 45th President in order to remain relevant amongst his following.

“I think you’re seeing a global reaction to centralized government, whether that government is in Beijing or that government is in Washington D.C., or that government is in Brussels,” Bannon said.

Although Le Pen may already be sick of Bannon and his growing “Movement” throughout Europe, she will have to deal with the fact that he is here to stay. This disheveled offensive lout has become the herpes of right-wing politics.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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