We Are All Proud Boys Now

Our attack is merely the beginning,” the Antifa’s terror manifesto read after they led a pre-meditated and well-coordinated assault on our Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan’s Upper East Side earlier this month. The masked men were caught on tape at 2 in the morning graffitiing the doors to the club with the “Anarchy” symbol, smashing the front windows with rocks, and gluing the locks shot.

They hoped this juvenile act of rage and destruction would lead the club to cancel a scheduled event the next night with right-wing commentator and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. They were wrong.

It is not easy to be a Republican in New York City, but our ragtag group does the best we can to fight for conservative values in the belly of the beast. We stood strong against Antifa and refused to back down in the face of extreme adversity from the leftist mob. For those of us who have been in the fight since at least the 2016 Trump campaign, we have seen our fellow Patriots demonized, ambushed, insulted, defamed, beaten, and robbed of their livelihood in many cases. From our experience, we know that to acquiesce to the ultimatums and threats of the Left is to surrender. The next day before the event began we thumbed our noses at the anti-American terrorists who crowded the he streets, and welcomed the hilarious Gavin McInnes to our event as he held a rubber sword to honor legendary Japanese anti-socialist Otoya Yamaguchi.

Outside the club Antifa shouted unoriginal and regurgitated slogans in an attempt to harass and scare event goers who approached the block. Despite the chaotic scene erupting outside the club, the event proceded in large part due to the fine work of New York City’s Finest. They guarded the doors even while chanting Antifa berated them as “Pigs” and “Fascists” for defending our freedoms. It is worth noting that the Antifa thugs had their entire operation choreographed down to a T. After the event concluded and the police dispersed them to surrounding blocks, they hid and waited for to ambush event attendees who were walking home, they had plain clothes operatives orchestrating the chaos for maximum effect, and purposefully planted their operatives in key locations to capture video painting themselves as the victims. It was certainly a well planned and sophisticated operation.

After leaving the event, a colleague and I witnessed a right-leaning independent journalist being assaulted and mugged by multiple masked Antifa thugs who did not want to be filmed and thus their likenesses revealed to the greater public. We ended up saving the man from a vicious mob beating from Antifa, who called me a “Nazi” despite being Jewish and having family who fled and died in Europe during the Holocaust. These Neo-Brownshirts even attacked the man’s girlfriend, showing these enemies of America will stoop to any depth in order to shut their opposition down, all under the guise of “Fighting Fascism.” Oh, the irony.

Like all bullies, Antifa withers when they are directly confronted. They are only able to punish Trump supporters when their basement-dwelling army of unemployable dope smokers clearly have the numbers. When they don’t have a sizable advantage, they are routinely embarrassed and sent crying back to their trust fund parents on the Upper West Side. However, there is an ace in the hole that these cowards do have that patriots fail to realize at their peril. The swamp has shown time and again they have Antifa’s back, and this has resulted in many right-wingers being treated unfairly under the law.

After meeting with the police to give a statement on what I saw following the event, I was confident that justice would be served. I never could have imagined what was next to come. A complete inversion of reality was widely reported by the press, who seized upon the incident to fabricate an “October Surprise” to damage the GOP’s chances for November’s mid-term elections. Top Democrat officials including the New York Governor, New York City Public Advocate, and the Attorney General all badmouthed the Proud Boys publicly and called for their prosecution for defending their rights and engaging in self defense during other incidents that night.

Antifa assailants are referred to simply as “Protestors” while a multiracial and multi-ethnic group of Proud Boys are defamed as “White Nationalists” in the press, being simultaneously “doxed” by the online wing of the Antifa mob. Now, the feeding frenzy has started. Our stand for freedom against leftist terror has been completely spun. Out-of-context quotes from Gavin McInnes are being used to paint him as a right-wing militant leader when he in all actuality just founded a patriotic fraternal group of goofballs who love America, President Trump and pounding brews. Antifa’s acts of terror and manifesto promising more violence were glossed over completely in nearly all reports.

This is what makes Antifa so dangerous. It is not their fighting skills which are subpar at best, but it is the immense establishment support which backs them. These people would be laughable otherwise, but they operate with near impunity due to supporting the establishment’s values of open borders, globalist socialism, political censorship, social degeneracy, and limitless centralized power. There is an organized network of leftist lawyers who will defend these terrorists free of charge, and countless deep state apparatchiks working as judges, journalists, law enforcement officials, university administrators, and federal bureaucrats who regularly abuse their power to protect these unabashedly violent activists. This is a far worse problem than Antifa merely getting payoffs from Soros and other far-left oligarchs through their shady non-profit networks.

The problem is getting much worse, and it is infecting our society at a stunning pace. From stories such as a deranged Antifa leftist harassing a 9/11 widow to law enforcement being forced to shamefully stand down while the right-wing Christian group ‘Patriot Prayer’ is regularly assaulted in Portland. In many leftist-dominated towns, Antifa occupy the streets, control traffic and hector passengers during their commutes. Police are in many cases too frightened to do anything because of the institutional power that is firmly behind Antifa. Using justifiable force to subdue an Antifa terrorist may cost them their livelihood or worse. If the problem is this bad now, just imagine how much bad it will be when the Millennial and Gen. Z snowflakes on campuses today take serious power. This cultural backslide is about to get drastically worse unless reversed immediately.

Even conservatives – such as the shameful New York Republican candidate for Governor Marc Molinaro and other Never Trump crybabies – are turning their backs on the men who stood up against Antifa terror. It has become fashionable for spineless conservatives to throw the Proud Boys to the wolves for actually standing up for their rights. We have seen this in the past, when Sen. Marco Rubio and current Senate candidate Mitt Romney defended Antifa to score political points against President Trump in the aftermath of Charlottesville. If we do not have the courage to stand with those who defend their right to public assembly and self-defense, as the Founding Fathers did, the Republic is all but lost.

It is truly surreal to watch these events unfold in real time, and then have the media report the exact opposite of what took place. It is difficult for outsiders to understand just how calculated, nefarious and dishonest the corporate media has become in the age of Trump. Although it might not be a widespread popular sentiment, Trump is a hero for calling out the purveyors of fake news. While it may inconvenience ivory tower Republicans concerned about their prestige and social status, Trump having our backs in this fight makes all the difference. We have a fighter in the White House, and it is inspiring a nation of patriots who are sick and tired of being tread upon.

This event has changed me and many of my friends. I used to consider myself a live-and-let-live libertarian who thought that non-violence and understanding would solve our laundry list of societal ailments. Attempting to organize peaceably has shown me that this is no longer tenable. The leftists tuned us out when we talked about non-aggression, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, free market economics, and all of our other various talking points. These people are jackals and always remain on the march. Complacency only emboldens them. It is time for a unity to emerge among the Right, amidst an understanding that we are all under attack and all in this together.

Whether you are a moderate Christian like Brett Kavanaugh or a rowdy Trump-supporting Proud Boy or anywhere in between, the organized Left means business and are rapidly advancing to destroy you and everything you hold dear. Squabbling among ourselves only emboldens this existential threat to our civilization. These forces will have to be stopped if we are able to retain a semblance of our free society moving forward. We all must wake up if we are to have a chance of defeating the Left. We are all Proud Boys now.

Written by Gavin Wax

Gavin Wax is the publisher of The Schpiel.


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