WATCH: ‘Unhinged’ Democrats Exposed In New GOP Ad

RNC running new ad in key 2018 states highlighting Democrats’ far-left turn

The Republican National Committee released a new ad exposing the Democrats’ shift towards the revolutionary left in the wake of their upset 2016 defeat in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The ad begins with radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders expressing his pride that his views, which previously “were thought to be fringe ideas, radical ideas, extremist ideas”, have been forced into the “mainstream” by the modern left.

His words appear over chilling images of Antifa graffiti calling for violent revolution and of left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin beheading President Donald Trump.

Sanders’ remarks are followed by clips of Antifa barbarity at the inauguration, Rep. Maxine Waters calling on the left to harass Trump officials in public, and comedians Samantha Bee and Michelle Wolf making brutal personal insults towards female members of the Trump administration.

Talk show host Bill Maher also appears in the video, where he is seen wishing for an economic recession, which would destroy the lives of millions of hard-working Americans, in order to force Trump out of office.

Other clips in the ad include singer Madonna and actor Johnny Depp articulating their dark desires to personally assassinate our commander-in-chief, and gangsta rapper and convicted felon Snoop Dogg shooting Trump in the head.

The ad indicates that under the direction of Trump, who yesterday described Waters as “the unhinged face of the Democrat Party”, the Republican Party is going to make the Democrats’ turn towards violent extremism a centerpiece of its 2018 mid-term campaign.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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