Violent Leftists Riot In Portland, Hurling Flashbangs At Trump Supporters

Antifa brutally assault peaceful free speech event on leftist ‘Day of Unrest’

Portland, Oregon descended into chaos on Saturday as Antifa activists savagely attacked Trump supporters on what Women’s March organizers have described as a national ‘Day of Unrest’ against the Trump administration.

Conservative group Patriot Prayer had launched a peaceful, permit-approved march through downtown Portland to demonstrate their support for the democratically elected President of the United States. Unfortunately, gangs of Antifa terrorists quickly arrived on the scene, and began hurling eggs, rocks, flashbangs and smoke bombs at the patriotic Americans. The situation quickly devolved into a brawl, resulting in Portland police formally declaring it a riot.

With local law enforcement unable to handle the situation, the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service officers were deployed to use non-lethal methods in order to quell the tumult.

A total of nine individuals were arrested, and several more were injured in the conflict, with four hospitalized. A police officer was among those injured by the projectiles thrown by the left-wing extremists.

Saturday’s ‘Day of Unrest’ violence also affected Dallas, where left-wing extremists attacked police officers, and Boston, where 20 were arrested after they attempted to storm a facility where illegal aliens were being detained. On Thursday, a Democratic Congresswoman was one of over 500 radicals arrested after seizing control of the center of the Hart Senate Building in Washington, D.C.

As it becomes increasingly clear that violent, anti-American groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa have become the militant wing of the Democratic Party, the Republican National Committee is running a new ad in key states highlighting the party’s extremist turn. In an America that is being rapidly consumed by far-left domestic violence, the need for a strong leader such as Donald Trump has become more apparent than ever.

Written by Taylor Ragg

Taylor Ragg is an Editor of The Schpiel.


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