Trump’s New IRS Rules Protect Privacy And Free Speech

The move by the Treasury Department and IRS will make it harder for liberals to target conservatives.

In the age of Trump, the Left is more unhinged than ever. Suffering from Trump derangement syndrome en masse, the Left is taking the mask off. They used to pretend they cared about tolerance and compassion, but now they are harassing and terrorizing anyone to the right of John McCain – with ‘Low IQ’ Maxine Waters giving orders to her followers do as such.

The Trump administration recognizes this threat and are instituting protections that will make it harder for donors to be attacked. The Treasury department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will no longer force certain tax-exempt organizations from having to provide the personally-identifiable information of its donors. This will make it harder for liberal activists and advocacy groups from obtaining this information to target these individuals.

“Americans shouldn’t be required to send the IRS information that it doesn’t need to effectively enforce our tax laws, and the IRS simply does not need tax returns with donor names and addresses to do its job in this area,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.

“It is important to emphasize that this change will in no way limit transparency. The same information about tax-exempt organizations that was previously available to the public will continue to be available, while private taxpayer information will be better protected. The IRS’s new policy for certain tax-exempt organizations will make our tax system simpler and less susceptible to abuse,” he said.

The Treasury Department notes that “tax-exempt organizations described by section 501(c), other than section 501(c)(3) organizations, are no longer required to report the names and addresses of their contributors” but they still “must continue to collect and keep this information in their records and make it available to the IRS upon request, when needed for tax administration.” This directive will not change any rules regarding Form 990 and Schedule B information, charities that typically receive tax-deductible donations, and political organizations.

The administration says that the revocation of the federal gift tax in 2015 made the old rules obsolete, as the IRS no longer needs the names of donors and their addresses to administer the tax code. It will also make it less likely for the feds to violate the privacy rights and free speech rights of individuals while saving taxpayer resources on paperwork. Liberals are already crying foul at these changes.

“[The guidance is] the latest attempt by [Treasury] Secretary [Steven] Mnuchin and Donald Trump to eliminate transparency and keep officials and lawmakers from following the money,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said in a statement.

“This is the theater of the absurd,” said Fred Wertheimer of leftist advocacy group Democracy 21. “By limiting donor disclosure to the IRS, they have limited any ability to prevent Russia and Russian oligarchs to launder unlimited, undisclosed and illegal contributions through advocacy groups into federal elections.”

The liberals may want to get their hands on that information so they can act on Maxine Waters’ directive to attack conservatives, but that will not be happening – at least while Trump is in the White House.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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  1. “The Move By The Treasury Department And IRS Will Make It Harder For Liberals To Target Conservatives.”

    You’re kidding me, right?

    The president is the direct boss of these agencies. Any directive enacted by one president can be repealed with very little effort by the next… as Trump already proved with a lot of Obama’s BS “phone and pen” directives.

    This isn’t “protection.” Protection would be (congressional) laws that prevent the IRS from doing this garbage regardless of who the president is.

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