Trump’s Judicial Picks Look And Act Like The Founding Fathers

He has fulfilled his promise when it comes to the judiciary and the Ben Shapiro’s of the world are eating crow

The dumbocraps are whining because Trump is living up to another one of his campaign promises. While they would have preferred Trump to stock the judiciary with soulless child-abusing trannies and hateful anti-white racial minorities, Trump instead picked folks who are similar in belief to the Founding Fathers.

Leftist rag Bustle whines about the progress DJT has made in retaking the judiciary from liberal activist judges who are at war with our values:

“According to a study by the Alliance for Justice, 92 percent of the judges confirmed by the Senate in 2018 are white, and 76 percent are men. They’re also young: The median age of Trump judicial nominees who were confirmed in 2018 is 49, and some of them are in their 30s. Because these are lifetime appointments, the relatively young age of Trump’s judicial appointments will have significant ramifications for American law long after Trump has left office.

Those numbers only apply to the judges confirmed by the Senate in 2018; since the start of his presidency, Trump has successfully appointed 84 judges in total, according to NBC News.

Many of Trump’s confirmed judicial nominees are unabashed, far-right conservatives. They include Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Leonard Steven Grasz, who once fought to deny Medicaid coverage to a rape survivor seeking an abortion; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Kyle Duncan, who claimed that the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage would “imperil civic peace;” Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John K. Bush, who’s compared abortion to slavery; Western District of Tennessee Judge Mark Norris, who fought to prohibit local communities from enforcing anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people; and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Andrew Oldham, who sued to strike down the Affordable Care Act and once suggested that the Environmental Protection Agency is illegitimate.”

With the assistance of Cocaine Mitch, Trump has made huge steps forward in reclaiming the judiciary.

While we stand in awe over the talent and abilities of our big handed commander-in-chief, we must remember who said it could never happen and worked tirelessly in order to stop him from winning: ‘Never Trump’ coward Ben Shapiro.

He wrote a particularly shameful article back in Aug. 2016 for his astroturfed corporate-funded blog titled, “No, Trump Isn’t Going to Save The Supreme Court.”

Here are some of the most ridiculous nuggets from Soy Boy Ben’s Daily Wire diatribe:

“Trump doesn’t care about the issue in the slightest. First, he doesn’t know what Supreme Court justices do…

Finally, Trump handed over his list of 11 potential justices – a list he clearly hadn’t read. He then backtracked and said he’d nominate someone “like” someone on the list, which totally undercuts the point of the list, since he has no clue what originalism or textualism are…

After a Democratic filibuster threat, Trump would come back with a “highly qualified” nominee who will be able to garner 70 votes in the Senate, declare victory, and pat himself on the back…

So no, Trump won’t appoint a conservative Supreme Court justice. This is the reality-based position. But in the fantasy world where polls don’t matter, Senate procedures don’t matter, and Mitch McConnell is a fire-breathing fighter on behalf of conservatism, sure, everything will be fine.

What’s amazing is how Ben Shapiro hasn’t been run out of the conservative movement completely for wanting Hillary Clinton in the White House and being a dishonorable, discredited worm. But incompetence and weakness does tend to be rewarded from the GOP establishment!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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