Trump’s Greatest Legacy: The Destruction Of The Neocons

The shutdown of the Weekly Standard shows that Trump is draining the swamp and killing fake news

Throughout the George W. Bush era, the Weekly Standard was arguably the most influential magazine in the world pertaining to public policy. They regularly urged for open immigration, endless wars in the Middle East, and massive debts and deficits which were reflected in the administration of the time.

Less than a decade later, they will close their doors. Another casualty of the Trump effect.

“For more than twenty years The Weekly Standard has provided a valued and important perspective on political, literary and cultural issues of the day,” said Ryan McKibben, who works as the chief executive and chairman of Clarity Media Group, in a press release. “The magazine has been home to some of the industry’s most dedicated and talented staff and I thank them for their hard work and contributions, not just to the publication, but the field of journalism.”

“This is a volatile time in American journalism and politics,” editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes wrote. “Many media outlets have responded to the challenges of the moment by prioritizing affirmation over information, giving into the pull of polarization and the lure of clickbait.”

While Hayes may make excuses, the market has clearly spoken. In the age of Trump, it is no longer acceptable for conservatives to agitate on behalf of globalism. The rank-and-file Republicans are no longer drinking the neocon kool aid. They want America to be great again, not to be subjugated to foreign powers.

President Trump took to Twitter to gloat in the face of his fallen enemies and pour salt their wounds, so to speak:

It was recently reported that leftists were funding Bill Kristol and other prominent ‘NeverTrumpers’ of the supposed right-wing to undermine Trump. After claiming they were the true conservatives for a great many years, these vile usurpers were the first to cut-and-run after not getting their way.

Max Boot, another prominent neoconservative who serves on the shadowy Council on Foreign Relations, has melted down publicly as well. He has exposed himself as a leftist infiltrator due to the pressure put on him because of Trump’s unexpected political rise.

What Trump has done is nothing short of miraculous. While a handful of neocons have adapted to Trump such as national security adviser John Bolton, most have fallen by the wayside. Trump has delivered us from these locusts who have plagued the right-wing for too long. This is evidence that, slowly but surely, the swamp is in fact being drained.

Feel free to welcome Kristol, Hayes, Boot, and all those losers to your fold, leftists. You are welcome to all of our leftovers and has-beens!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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