Trump Wages Jihad Against The Deep State

The cowardly worm Rod Rosenstein is expected to be the first casualty of Trump’s righteous Jihad

News broke today that FBI Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was seditiously plotting to overthrow the Trump regime from within the administration through secret recordings and lobbying higher administration officials to invoke the 25th Amendment. President Trump is predictably not pleased, and sources say he is ready to wage a ‘Jihad’ against the deep state as a result.

“Most people here are talking about the very real possibility that Rod is on his way out,” one senior Justice official told the Daily Beast. “The NYT op-ed gave an opportunity to really drive home the deep state stuff. With this new story, it gives additional credibility.”

Rosenstein is currently leading the Special Counsel investigation into possible Russian collusion with Trump in the run up to the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s supporters widely believe the investigation to be a dangerous farce, and this news may give Trump his opportunity to strike back against the institutional conspiracy sabotaging his administration.

The deep state hacks are already panicking at the thought they will be held accountable for their illicit and possibly treasonous actions.

“Of all the sinister efforts to topple Rosenstein, this one is surely the most conniving yet. There’s of course an irony to the fact that Trump publicly threatened to have taped Comey, but now he will feign outrage that Rosenstein purportedly considered taping him,” a DOJ trial attorney told the Daily Beast.

“No one knew this was coming and I’m unsure what is going to happen, but most people here are talking about the very real possibility that Rod is on his way out,” a senior DOJ official told the Daily Beast.

Trump is summoning Allah right now as he prepares righteous fury meant to bring pain and anguish to the deep state. There will be no 72 virgins waiting for Rosenstein and his associates after Trump is finished with them!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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