Trump Stands Up For Gun Rights At CPAC

Our President supports the Second Amendment

President Donald Trump warned the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference this week that the Democrat plan to get rid of the right to keep and bear arms that is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights should they win the upcoming mid-term elections.

“Remember that they will take away those massive tax cuts and they will take away your Second Amendment,” Trump declared.

He went on to warn the audience not to “get complacent” after Trump’s groundbreaking landslide 2016 victory.

“If you win the presidency, you don’t do well two years later,” he added. “And you know what, we can’t let that happen.”

“Don’t be complacent,” he continued. “If they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn’t believe, they’ll take away your Second Amendment, which we will never allow to happen, they’ll take away your Second Amendment.”

Democrats have pledged to take action on gun control amid a growing push within the party following the Las Vegas shootings.

Trump also elaborated on some of his other goals, including opposing the leftist push to remove historical statues, and to build the wall as a new monument to American greatness.

“We celebrate our history and our heroes and we believe young Americans should be taught to love their country, and to respect its traditions,” Trump said. “You’re getting the wall, don’t worry.”

He also mocked the mainstream media for claiming he was not serious about the wall and saying “he just used that for campaigning”.

“You know, I say every time I hear that, the wall gets 10 feet higher, you know that,” Trump announced. “Every single time, okay. Now we’re going to have the wall.”

Written by Gavin Wax

Gavin Wax is the publisher of The Schpiel.


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