Trump Preparing To Militarize Border With 10,000 Troops

President Donald Trump is sick and tired of migrants coming across the southern border to demand welfare benefits, bring crime and disease into the US, and otherwise be a drain upon our society.

That is why he is ready to bigly militarize the border. Reports indicate that Trump is ready to put as many as 15,000 troops on the southern border to stop the caravan of illegal invaders coming from third-world sh-thole countries such as Guatemala and Honduras.

“As far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out. We have about 5,000. We’ll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border Patrol, [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and everybody else at the border,” the president said to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House today.

“Nobody is coming in. We’re not allowing people to come in,” he added.

Trump is getting serious about immigration in the lead-up to next week’s election. Instead of running from the issue like cucked Republicans such as House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Vag), Trump is politicizing the issue as much as possible to remind voters that one party stands for law and order while the other stands for crime and anarchy.

“If President Obama can get DACA approved — if you look at DACA — where he actually said, ‘Well, this isn’t legal or this I can’t do but I’ll do it anyway,’ and then he gets a judge to approve it, and it’ll ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, I hope quickly. But certainly if he can do DACA, we can do this by executive order,” Trump said.

“Immigration is a very, very big and very dangerous, a really dangerous topic. Democrats have let immigration in our country get out of control,” he added.

George Soros and other seedy left-wing anti-American interests are widely believed to be funding the caravan, as they hope to stage another incident for the media to run with for sympathy points before the election.

However, Trump is ready for a showdown. Although his border wall hasn’t been built and immigration hasn’t slowed under his presidency, Trump has one last chance to show the voting public how serious he is about protecting the country. If he does this right, it could be the turning point in helping Republicans keep control of Congress during next Tuesday’s crucial mid-term elections.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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