Trump On Federal Immigration Edict: Shove It!

The Trump Administration is Protecting National Security and Ignoring Leftist Activist Judges

President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ immigration policy has been subverted at every turn by liberal activist judges in the courts, and he is getting sick and tired of it. In response, the Trump administration is ignoring a court order mandating for young children to be reunited with the people trying to smuggle them across the border.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw, who was appointed to his position by globalist President George W. Bush, is working with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to create punishments for the Trump administration that will prevent the US borders from being properly defended.

“These are firm deadlines,” Sabraw said. “They’re not aspirational goals.”

Justice Department lawyer Sarah Fabian told Sabraw that DNA tests were occurring and that the process takes time to ensure that children aren’t being returned to abusers. Carelessness during the Obama administration left many children in the hands of human traffickers, but Sabraw did not seem particularly concerned about the facts on the ground.

“They need to respond,” he said. “They need to be…aware of the deadlines. I expect these tasks would be provided today.”

Sabraw has ordered 63 children under the age of five to be reunited with their captors by today. The Trump administration has refused to do so – showing that national security priorities are more important to Trump than following arbitrary edicts from some robed lawyer. Sabraw hopes that he can yield his power to force the return of 3,000 more children to their captors by July 26 as well.

Trump is remaining firm in his stance despite the push-back and is urging foreigners to come into the country legally in order to avoid any pitfalls related to crossing the border.

“Well, I have a solution. Tell people not to come to our country illegally,” President Trump said to reporters today. “That’s the solution. Don’t come to our country illegally. Come like other people do. Come legally.”

“As far as ICE is concerned, the people that are fighting ICE? It’s a disgrace. These people go into harm’s way. … So we ought to support ICE, not do what the Democrats are doing,” he said. “Democrats want open borders, and they don’t mind crime. We want no crime, and we want borders where borders mean something. And remember this: Without borders, you do not have a country.”

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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