The Thought Police Step Their Game Up

Alex Jones was just the test case, now Big Brother is coming for all independent voices.

Ford Fischer has been on the front-lines of many contentious rallies recently, offering free streaming video regularly as apart of his crowd-funded news site, News2Share. He covered the ‘Unite the Right’ event in Charlottesville last year and showed up to the followup event in Washington D.C. this year, which was far less contentious than last year’s bedlam.

Fischer’s cutting edge new media operation has earned him a great deal of national publicity as his footage now appears regularly in the mainstream media and even Hollywood productions. But his success will not stand if Mark Zuckerberg can help it, as Facebook censored the indepedent journalist by booting his live footage of ‘Unite the Right’ off their platform under a specious rationale.

“[Facebook] actually halted the lifestream in progress,” Fischer said regarding his censorship in an interview with Tim Pool. “It stopped the livestream just with no warning immediately… The reason that it described was blatantly false… It accused it of not being a live video.”

Despite the fact that Facebook booted his content from their platform, Fischer was able to still save the footage and upload it on Youtube. The entire ‘Unite the Right’ event can be seen here:

It is not just conservatives and libertarians who are being targeted by Big Brother. TeleSUR, which is funded by the Venezeulan government and generally promotes a socialist point of view, was kicked off of Facebook today as well. Nobody is safe from this Orwellian crackdown.

We are all Alex Jones now.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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