The Schpiel’s Endorsement: Vote Straight-Ticket Republican Tomorrow

The choice is between continued success and prosperity, or mayhem and deadlock.

Tomorrow’s election presents a unambiguous choice. Either a vote in confidence of President Trump’s groundbreaking populist Republican agenda, or a vote for the chaos and extremism of the violent Resistance movement that lurks behind the Democratic veneer.

In his first two years as President, Donald Trump has slashed both personal and corporate taxes, stripped back hundreds of regulations, and partially repealed Dodd-Frank. His doctrine of economic nationalism combined these market incentives with an unapologetically pro-American approach to trade, securing major trade concessions from the European Union, as well as from Canada and Mexico through the newly signed USMCA trade agreement.

The result? A surge in the stock market. Record-breaking numbers on GDP growth, real wage growth, unemployment, and new job creation. Iconic American companies such as General Motors, Apple, Boeing, and Dow Chemical shipping thousands of new jobs from overseas locations back to U.S. shores. The Rust Belt, which broke with decades of loyalty to the Democrats in order to carry Trump to the presidency, has finally had its voice heard, as investment has seeped in to a region left behind by the political elite. Americans of every background have been uplifted by Trump’s seismic economic success; a sharp break from the misery and destitution of the Obama years.

Abroad, Trump has sought to promote a foreign policy that puts America first. American strength and resolve has been combined with a healthy respect for the ability for each nation to determine its own destiny. Trump has been willing to set aside old grievances and reach out to former adversaries such as North Korea and Russia in order to promote peace in the world. Nevertheless, the President’s trademark toughness has also been applied where necessary, helping successfully deliver the release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkish captivity, where the Obama administration’s strategy of weakness unequivocally failed. He has audaciously withdrawn from the globalist Paris Climate Agreement, which disadvantaged the United States to the benefit of third world manufacturing nations.

Losing either House of Congress to the Democrats would imperil this all. The Democrats, radicalized by their increasingly fanatical base, would do everything in their ability to obstruct the enactment of the Trump agenda, resulting in two years of total legislative deadlock. Should the House of Representatives fall, the establishment will strike back with a vengeance by introducing politically motivated Articles of Impeachment against the lawfully elected President of the United States, subverting our nation’s democracy. Moreover, expanding the Senate majority could allow for the President to build on the achievements of this administration so far through bolder appointments to the executive and judiciary, as well as a renewed effort to repeal the Obamacare disaster.

Most importantly, the Democrats simply do not deserve to win. The last two years have revealed a rot at the heart of our opposition. Bewildered, at first by Trump’s election, and then by his success in office, the Democratic Party has been consumed by the most dangerous elements of the hard-left, openly embracing socialism in a bid to tap into revolutionary sentiment. Left-wing extremists, buoyed by constant encouragement from Democratic leaders such as Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Cory Booker, have struck at the heart of our institutions, attempting to gun down Congressmen and attacking ordinary Trump supporters with smoke bombs and firecrackers. The debacle preceding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh made clear to Republicans of all stripes that the modern Democratic Party has no limit on the lows it is willing to stoop to in order to undermine the President and the movement he represents.

Although there are a plethora of Libertarian, Constitution and Independent conservative candidates running, a vote for any of these will do nothing more than hand vital election races to the Democrats. It’s certainly true that most of the Republican candidates running come from establishment backgrounds. But the alternative — an end to the immense progress of the last two years — is simply untenable. For that reason, the only viable course of action for readers of The Schpiel in tomorrow’s mid-term elections is to cast their vote for Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

Written by Eduardo Rivero

Eduardo Rivero is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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