The Schpiel Endorses Manny Alicandro For New York City Public Advocate

For the first time in 50 years, NYC has a special election for the Public Advocate.

What’s the Public Advocate you ask? Well – whereas your city council people are supposed to be the ones to keep the mayor in check – the Public Advocate is empowered to do so across the 5 boroughs. The challenge therein? The Public Advocates of the past have been too focused on using the office as a stepping stone to Mayor – leaving New Yorkers to fend for themselves over critical issues.

On February 26th – NYC will have the opportunity to go to the polls and cast our vote for the opportunity to enact the first change we’ve had in decades. The change of electing a public advocate without political ties to the establishment – and one with the mettle to challenge the DeBlasio establishment to make NYC great again.

That Candidate is Manny Alicandro.

From humble Brooklyn beginnings – Manny has distinguished himself as an Attorney and Legal expert across a number of arenas. With your help, Manny aims to work to fix the MTA, tackle NYCHA housing failures and build a better plan for the homeless. Manny will stand up to Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio’s cronyism that has created a cottage industry for homeless shelters – that cost taxpayers $50,000 per year for EACH homeless person.

Before, these were just hellholes that were ripe with crime and child abuse – but today DeBlasio is planning 90 more that are to be placed in residential areas, without proper oversight or agency approval.

Add to this the problem of MS-13 gangs running amok in Queens and the Bronx, who recently committed murder on the 7 train in broad daylight.  This is in the heart of AOC’s territory – and not a word about this from her or DeBlasio.

Lastly – the MTA and NYCHA need over $1 Billion each for fixes, after the state spent $2.2 Billion on NYCHA and some residents still lack heat. Meanwhile, do you really believe that Cuomo and DeBlasio can fix the MTA without federal funding from a President they won’t even talk to?

As Public Advocate, Manny has committed to fixing these issues – but more importantly, he’s committed to keeping his door open to you – the New Yorker. Lastly, Manny plans on working on job creation that doesn’t cost us Billions – like the Amazon concessions did. How? By working on free-enterprise zones in the Financial District and Uptown to open opportunities the  Bitlicense took away while supporting the President’s Opportunity Zone executive order – the aim to bring back work and a quality of life all New Yorkers can appreciate.

Please tell a friend and come out to vote on February 26th, as anyone of any party can vote in the special election.

For more info click here.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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