THE PRICE OF MAGA: President Trump Is Home Alone For Christmas!

Trump remains at the White House through Christmas as he navigates through the Democratic-caused government shutdown

US President Donald Trump is paying the price for pushing relentlessly for his MAGA agenda. After the Democrats refused to fund a border wall causing a partial government shutdown, Trump stays in Washington D.C. throughout Christmas conducting the people’s business away from his Mar-a-Lago compound in Florida.

DJT lamented about the unfortunate situation in a recent Tweet:

Newsweek wrote a ridiculous sob story about the poor, swamp-rat bureaucrats who are being hurt because of the shut-down:

“While Trump is crying “poor me,” hundreds of thousands of federal workers have been forced to go on paid leave. Workers in departments that are considered essential are required to work through the shutdown but will not be compensated until it ends or lawmakers pass legislation for retroactive pay.

For Audrey Murray, 59, who serves as a cleaner at the Smithsonian Institution and the State Department in the evening, the shutdown has bigger implications than not being able to enjoy the holidays at a resort. She may not be able to pay her mortgage.

“It’s just so depressing,” Murray, who is at higher risk of not being paid back because she is a contractor, told The Wall Street Journal. “My mortgage is due on the first … Nobody should be going through this.”

Ms. Murray should blame this unfortunate situation on the Democrats, or she could get a real job that doesn’t rely on massive debts paid for by the taxpayer.

Of course, the lyin’ stinkin’ cheatin’ Democrats continue to play the blame game and claim the sky is falling due to this partial government shut-down.

But one new Democratic legislator – incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez (D-NY) – actually had the gumption to cut through some of the vicious deceptions of the Democrats and other swamp rats regarding the government shut down.

With Trump being in the White House feeling so lonely and Ocazio-Cortez not having a place to stay in Washington DC, perhaps the two could become more closely acquainted over a nice cup of hot cocoa at the White House on Christmas.

After all, as a connoisseur of fine women, Trump appreciates not only busty Eastern European blondes but also spunky latina foxes with attitude who are good in bed as well. He’s on Twitter constantly, so he has clearly seen the sultry dancing dancing video from Ocazio-Cortez. Perhaps these political foes could have a close session in the oval office that could bring the country together – one magnificent thrust at a time!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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