The Peace President: Trump Rails Against US Military Being ‘Policeman Of The World’

President Donald Trump shows yet again why he is the most libertarian executive in American history!

President Donald Trump has had many foreign policy victories during his short time in the Oval Office. From repairing relations with Russia to opening doors with North Korea, he has decimated the neoconservative orthodoxy and shown that diplomacy really does make the world a better place.

After removing troops from Syria yesterday in a sudden and unexpected announcement that stunned the warmongers, Trump trumpeted the pipes of peace over his Twitter account in a manner that no President in generations would have ever dared.

Previous regimes were intent upon nation-building overseas, which resulted in quagmires in nations such as Libya and Iraq. Those nations are now far more hostile to Western values than before they were bombed, invaded and overthrown in unprovoked, aggressive wars hatched by the deep state and military-industrial complex. Trump is effecting turning the page on those disastrous policies.

The liberty-minded wing of the Republican Party is predictably jubilant by Trump living up to his promise:

Even some far-left liberals have been forced to give credit to the President for his moves toward peace in Syria and the rest of the world. They are beginning to realize that Trump may be onto something when he complains about the fake news.

Trump’s push for peace is remaking the political map. He is rallying all decent people against the enemies of mankind who support perpetual war to serve their masters in international finance. While Trump’s record is far from perfect, he actually wants to solve conflicts and save US resources. That makes him the most libertarian President in quite some time – perhaps ever!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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