The Patriots Don’t Care About Your Feelings

It’s crazy to imagine a team who had made the Super Bowl just a year ago would be counted out, but that has been the narrative for the Patriots all year in the sports media. We heard of the decline of Tom Brady, we heard the team around him isn’t as talented as it’s been in the past and there have even been rumors of friction between Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick. Then there is Tight End Rob Gronkowski, he’s old and isn’t the dominant player that he once was. Julian Edelman

who has been his most reliable target is now thirty-two years old—which is considered ancient for NFL receivers. With all of these problems, and in a league that has been getting younger and more talented every year, there was no way in hell the Patriots could make it back to the top. It was finally here; the Patriots dominance was over and some other fans could get some enjoyment out of football.

Tom Brady haters and doubters could finally be satisfied. Yet the Patriots are still here. It wasn’t over when they were blown out by the Lions in week three. It wasn’t over when they lost to their division rival on a last second touchdown that would be called the “Miracle in Miami.” It wasn’t over when they lost to the Steelers the following game. They were able to hold on to the second-place spot in the AFC earning yet another first round bye in the playoffs.

The biggest mistake that people have been making for almost two decades is doubting Tom Brady. The scrawny kid that started out as the seventh quarterback at the University of Michigan and drafted in the sixth round of the NFL, has become the greatest quarterback to ever play football and he’s still here.

Tom Brady is not the most talented quarterback ever, nor is he the most gifted quarterback in the league right now. There is more than one quarterback who can make throws that Brady can’t make. What makes him the greatest is his ability to make big plays when it matters most. It’s not just one or two throws, but his ability to put together many winning plays on game-deciding drives; that’s what separates him from the others. You can take all the time you want making excuses as to why the other quarterbacks have been unable to match Brady’s

success. Whether its him having open receivers, better coaches, better defenses, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, Tom Brady wins. That’s what matters and that’s why you hate him.

Every once in a while, your team will put together a good season, enough to make you think “this is our year,” But just when you think things are rolling, here comes Brady and the Patriots to rip your heart out and step on it. I know because I’m a Texans fan. Our 2016 season ended in Foxborough.

This may be one of Brady’s most impressive playoff runs yet, and that’s saying a lot. The sports media has given him and his teammates what they needed. Brady needs people to doubt him the same way people doubted him when he was coming into the league. The worst thing that the Brady doubters could do was tell him that he was too old and couldn’t do it anymore. Yet, he continues to do what he’s always done; come through in the clutch and win.

We might not ever know just how much Bill Belichick and Tom Brady get along these days and how well they like one another. One thing we do know is that the both of them are natural born winners who are absolutely obsessed with competing and being the best at what they do. The L.A. Rams have done a remarkable job building a great team and played exceptional all season. Unfortunately, the New England Patriots are still here and don’t care about your feelings or your great season.

Written by Billy Gamboe

Billy Gamboe is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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