The Mustache Of Justice Schools United Nations Bureaucrats

John Bolton, once a neocon, has re-invented himself as an ‘America First’ peace warrior in the Trump administration

President Donald Trump is making John Bolton great again! The mustachioed war-monger, once considered a begotten relic of the neoconservative age, has re-invented himself into a flower child as national security adviser in the Trump administration.

While addressing the Heritage Foundation at an event in Washington DC earlier in the month, Bolton addressed the United Nations and put them in their place. He made it clear that US resources will no longer be squandered throughout the world at the behest of these globalist bureaucrats.

“The United States will no longer provide indiscriminate assistance across the entire continent, without focus or prioritization and we will no longer support unproductive, unsuccessful, and unaccountable U.N. peacekeeping missions. We want something more to show for Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars,” Bolton said.

“Our objective is to resolve conflicts, not freeze them in perpetuity,” Bolton added.

In what is sure to be considered as a seminal foreign policy speech for many generations to come, Bolton continued to make clear that ‘America First’ is the new ethos of the world’s greatest nation.

“The U.S. will respect the independence of other nations in providing humanitarian, security, and development relief. We are not among those powers that pursue dollars for dependency,” he said.

The full speech, in which Bolton outlines a new strategy for US involvement in Africa, can be seen here:

Although no longer in the business of nation-building and squandering resources on globalist misadventures, Bolton noted that the US will remain focused on thwarting the influence of China and Russia as they expand into the African continent.

The new John Bolton – throwing up a peace sign with a big fat J of chronic in his mouth – is a sight for sore eyes. He is a true believer of Trump’s peacenik flower power agenda that is thwarting the endless war goals of the military-industrial complex. The war party, now led by staunch interventionist Noam Chomsky, doesn’t know what hit them. They will inevitably succumb to the Mustache of Justice whether they like it or not!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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