The Italian Deep State Comes For Salvini

Italian deputy PM Matteo Salvini is intent upon keeping migrants out of his nation, and that is unacceptable to the globalists.

A human trafficking operation is underway as so-called “not for profit” organizations funnel potentially dangerous migrants from the third-world into Europe. Italian deputy PM Matteo Salvini is putting his foot down, but the Italian deep state is not making it easy for him to do so.

The Ubaldo Diciotti is docked at Catania, a Sicilian port. There are approximately 132 migrants on board this vessel at the present time. Salvini will not allow these invaders to leave until they have been accepted by another country. He has made it clear that they will not be given harbor by the new right-wing populist Italian government. By standing for his nation’s best interest, the deep state is trying to cook up bogus hostage charges against him.

Luigi Patronaggio, chief prosecutor for Agrigento, is looking into the matter right now. Magistrates visited Rome to interview Salvini along with his cabinet members. This is a brazen attempt to strongarm Salvini into letting in potentially dangerous refugees to his nation. He refuses to be daunted by these leftist deep state tricks.

“I heard prosecutors asked for my details. Here you go. I was born in Milan, March 9 1973, in Milan. I’m ready and proud to be arrested because I’m fighting to defend the Italian border,” Salvini wrote in a Facebook post after he learned he was being investigated.

This particular refugee crisis began on Aug. 15 when a boat filled with 190 migrants appeared at the Italian port. Thirteen individuals were evacuated for emergency medical treatment while Albania took 20 others and Ireland took 25 migrants. Salvini is standing in direct contrast to the policies of the European Union and United Nations.

“The time has come to end the back-and-forth that has seen countries competing in a race to the bottom on who can take the least responsibility for people rescued at sea,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said.

“It is dangerous and immoral to put the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers at risk while states engage in a political tug-of-war on long-term solutions,” he said.

What is really dangerous is allowing unvetted refugees who do not understand your culture to take welfare benefits and turn your nation into a third-world sh*thole. Salvini will continue to stand strong and all those opposing his Italy First agenda will expose themselves as the enemies of the people.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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