The Ignorant, Anti-Semitic Future Of Liberal Politics

Rising Democratic Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supports Palestine and Blasts Israel

When young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accomplished a shock upset in a Democratic primary race against Rep. Joe Crowley in the 14th district of New York, she was quickly embraced by the mainstream media as the future of liberal politics.

But that luster is already wearing off, as Ocasio-Cortez recently embarrassed herself with clueless and borderline anti-semitic remarks regarding the state of Israel and their ongoing conflict with Palestine.

“What people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of Palestine, is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian condition and that to me is just where I tend to come from on this issue,” Ocasio-Cortez said during an interview with PBS News.

Ocasio-Cortez was recently forced to denounce a blatantly anti-semitic campaign supporter in recent weeks as well. She threw Thomas Lopez-Pierre under the bus by claiming she had “no idea” who the prominent Jew-hating Democratic community organizer was.

In addition to her controversial remarks on Israel, Ocasio-Cortez is angering her fellow party members by going on the attack against Democrats and causing unnecessary strife as the party attempts to unify for victory in November’s crucial mid-term elections. Veteran lawmakers are telling her to cool it.

“She’s carrying on and she ain’t gonna make friends that way,” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) said.

“Meteors fizz out,” Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) said. “What she will learn in this institution is that it’s glacial to begin with, and therefore no matter how far you rise, that’s just how far you will ultimately get your comeuppance.”

“Once an election is over and you win, why are you still angry?” Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) said. “I think it’s a lack of maturity on her part, and a lack of political acumen, for her to be that petty. We as Democrats better figure out who the real enemy is. And it’s not each other.”

There will be plenty of growing pains as the entrenched establishment politicians of old have to deal with the Bernie Sanders insurgency within the Democratic Party for many years to come.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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