The Democrats’ Vision For America: Mobs And Murderers Exert Total Control

This leftist cult must be stopped or America will no longer be a country

Because of Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the Presidency, the Left has dropped every pretense of civility and tolerance. As the mask comes off, the Left is reviving McCarthyism, trying to overturn lawful elections, sending mobs to terrorize families of opposition journalists, and calling for the end of digital free speech.

But perhaps the most glaring example of Democratic corruption and malfeasance is happening in Florida, where an election is seemingly being stolen in broad daylight. Democrats hope to take a Governor and Senate seat under the fishiest of circumstances. Lawlessness is in full effect in Florida as Democratic officials ignore court orders while liberal lawyers argue for illegal votes to be counted. A perfect storm of treachery, incompetence, and thuggishness caused by Democrats is making Florida seem more like a third-world despotism than a free state within the world’s utmost super-power.

In what may be the biggest disgrace to come out of this electoral mess in Florida, reports show that the terrorist mass murderer Nikolas Cruz – who massacred his former classmates at a Parkland high school earlier this year – was actually registered to vote. Hmmm, now what political party would be incentivized to get scumbags and lowlifes to turn out at the polls? Perhaps it could be the same party that is working feverishly to steal an election right now!

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was slain by Cruz, is not happy about this news.

Florida is supposed to ban felons from voting, but that is rapidly changing due to leftist initiatives. Democrats and their funders have been working across the country to allow more criminals into the voting booth. They successfully accomplished this in Florida where they pushed an amendment to allow more than one million felons the ability to decide Florida’s future during elections. It is supposed to go in effect on Jan. 8, 2019, but Cruz still was able to register because his trial is still pending.

This is the future of America under the Democrats, where the lowest dregs of society will have their boots around the neck of good, hard-working individuals as they are stripped of all their basic rights and human dignity. We must rally around President Trump so that this anti-civilizational death cult can be crushed before our society is damaged further!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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