Stormy Daniels Arrested

Hero of the Resistance Behind Bars

Porn star and dancer Stormy Daniels is once again making waves in the news, this time for getting arrested at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio.  Daniels was performing at a local strip club when four undercover cops entered the premises, she is alleged to have made inappropriate and illegal physical contact with them, as defined in a 2007 Ohio ordinance forbidding strippers from touching their clients.

She has been released on bail pending three misdemeanor charges.  Police claim that the arrest stems from an investigation in to human trafficking and prostitution, while Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti has called the whole thing a “setup”.  Her lawyer is famous for injecting himself in to partisan politics, appearing on TV shows across the country to lambast President Trump and Michael Cohen.

Stormy Daniels made headlines across the world earlier this year when she claimed that President Trump payed her “hush money” to keep quiet about an alleged sexual affair that the two had.  Since then, she has been hailed as a hero by many on the left, given a platform on every major news outlet in the country, and has been depicted favorably on late night talk shows.  Major publications that are respected around the world like The Independent, LA Times, Real Clear Politics, Salon, and Yahoo have all called her a “hero” in one way or another.

Update:  According to Stormy Daniel’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, the charges against Daniels were dropped this morning.

Written by Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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