Stephen Miller: George W. Bush Committed An ‘Astonishing Betrayal Of The American People’

Miller’s comments about Bush’s legacy show that the Trump administration is leaving behind the failed GOP politics of the past

Ashkenazi mastermind Stephen Miller, a supergenius regularly referred to as Trump’s brain by those who are in the know, came out swinging at former President George W. Bush today regarding his dereliction of duty on the issue of immigration.

“As you know, when George Bush came into office, illegal immigration total doubled from 6 million to 12 million by the time he left office,” Miller said while appearing on FOX News. “That represented an astonishing betrayal of the American people. I’m not gonna sit here today and tell you that George Bush defended this country on the southern border because he did not.”

Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on Friday shows how his administration is leaving the failed Bush-era GOP in the dust. As apart of the declaration, Trump will spend $8 billion creating and repairing barriers along the southern border. These are small steps toward fulfilling his promise of building a wall, but it’s a good start.

Journalist Chris Wallace, representing the old guard of conservatism that sold the United States down the river to globalist elites for some shekels, tried to catch Miller in a “gotcha” moment with tricky deceptive questioning as well.

While FOX News is often called extremely conservative or far-right by the liberal media, the network in all actuality serves soulless multinational corporations that are happy to push the globalist agenda if it helps their bottom line. ‘America First’ is heresy to these profit-driven monoliths.

“This is a deep intellectual problem that is plaguing this city,” Miller said. “Which is we’ve had thousands of Americans die year after year after year because of threats crossing our southern border.”

“This is a threat in our country … and if the president can’t defend this country, then he cannot fulfill his constitutional oath of office,” Miller added.

Although BuzzFeed, VICE, HuffPo and other liberal outlets are taking it on the chin as the fake news dies, FOX News will inevitably suffer the consequences of being a propaganda outlet at some point as well. Chris Wallace and other two-faced enemies of MAGA at phony FOX News would be smart to plan ahead and learn to code.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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