Shielded From Repercussions, Antifa Is Democrat Establishment’s Terror Mob

What happened at Tucker Carlson’s house will not likely be punished by a system that harbors Antifa

FOX News anchor Tucker Carlson’s house was recently besieged by an Antifa mob who threatened violence against the man for holding a different opinion. This brazen act of terrorism has even offended many liberal commentators who believe these acts were over the line.

But don’t expect Antifa to be held accountable for their actions. Recent events prove that Antifa is harbored by the liberal political establishment, which remains entrenched throughout many levels of government (particularly at the federal level) despite Trump’s election.

Right now, there is a federal rush to punish the enemies of Antifa. A controversial right-wing self-defense organization, RAM is being prosecuted by the Department of Justice based on blog posts made by far-left ANTIFA-affiliated activists. Proud Boys recently confronted Antifa in the New York City streets following a terror attack committed at the Metropolitan Republican Club, in a story documented here at The Schpiel. Despite acting in self-defense, the Proud Boys were fingered as the culprits by the fake news and state officials which resulted in a subsequent Orwellian social media blackout for the organization.

But what about when Antifa members are caught in the act? ‘Usually, their charges get mysteriously dropped before they can receive justice. The Berkeley professor who committed a terrorist assault against a conservative by bushwacking him with a bike lock only received probation in the left-wing courts. Similarly, the protesters who turned the streets of Washington D.C. into a war zone following President Trump’s inauguration all had their charges dropped. The left-wing terrorist who attacked Rand Paul and broke his ribs outside of his home received 30 days in jail.

The leftist judge expressed sympathy for the terrorist attacker.

“I know it’s a heavy burden to be a convicted felon, but I hope you can forgive yourself and go on with your life,” she said following the sentencing of cowardly ambush artist Rene Boucher, who is an avowed devotee of socialist Bernie Sanders. “I hope the Pauls can forgive you, but ultimately, that you can forgive yourself.”

The obvious message being sent by the system is that left-wing terrorism is fine and dandy. It is being ordered from the top as the swamp desperately clings to its remaining institutional power. For those of you expecting heads to roll over the unprecedented display outside of Carlson’s domicile, don’t hold your breath. This left-wing, anti-American terror will only get worse as the fans are being flamed by the Democratic Party, the fake news, much of the court system and even law enforcement in some cases!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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