SH-TLORD IN CHIEF: Gloating Trump Celebrates The Fall Of ‘Jeff Bozo’ In Savage Tweet

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shouldn’t have targeted Trump with his fake news rag, now he pays the piper!

After the National Enquirer found dirt on Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos leading to his impending divorce, it was speculated that President Donald J. Trump may have had a hand in Bezos losing his billions. Trump has been at war with the uber-globalist Bezos for years now.

Regardless of whether it was Trump who ordered the dirt-digging on Bezos or not, he took to Twitter in order to gloat about ‘Jeff Bozo’ losing his billions:

Bezos has been having an extramarital affair with deliciously trappish MexiVixen, Lauren Sanchez. Bezos, a wimpy bookworm geek who is likely undergoing a mid-life crisis, sent dick pics and other lewd messages to this married woman. While that spicy Hispanic cooter may have been scrumptious, I doubt it was worth $150 billion!

Intrepid reporters at the National Enquirer stalked Bezos for months in order to get the dirt on his affair, proving that investigative journalism is far from dead in America. While the mainstream media’s fake news refuses to hold the most powerful figures in industry to account, the true Fourth Estate – including the National Enquirer, Infowars, The Schpiel and others – picks up the slack. Journalism is far from dead in America.

The irony is sweet as well. ‘Jeff Bozo’ thought he could use his mark-of-the-beast technology to destroy our privacy rights, rape the US Constitution, and enact Big Brother. Well, turns out your privacy can be violated as well. Now say bye bye to your billions, you Big Bozo! Shouldn’t have messed with DJT!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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