Senatorial Tokens Hurt The MAGA Agenda

Marco Rubio and Tim Scott Turn on Trump to Participate in Democrat Racial Witch Hunt

Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Tim Scott (R-SC) joined with the Democrats on a social justice witch hunt to stop a strong conservative nominee from being approved by the Senate as a Judge to the 9th District.

These virtue-signaling minority Senators parroted an attack from the progressive Alliance for Justice (AFJ), a group that agitates against Republicans primarily on racial lines. They unearthed some old op/eds penned by Ryan Bounds, an originalist justice who Trump wanted to appoint to the 9th district, from his college days containing opinions against racial biases such as affirmative action. This alone was enough to ruin his nomination.

Scott, an African-American who also rebuked the President for speaking in favor of confederate monuments, seized upon the controversy to grandstand and sabotage the President’s appointment. Rubio, the anti-Trump moderate Republican of Cuban descent, joined Scott and the Democrats as well.

“Sen. Scott raised some concerns yesterday about the nomination and I think it became apparent the nominee was not going to prevail,” GOP Sen. John Cornyn told reporters after the vote. “The White House decided under the circumstances to withdraw the nomination and so that’s where we are.”

Because his appointment would have failed confirmation by a 49-48 vote in the Senate, Trump was forced to withdraw the nomination with egg on his face. The Democrats were gifted an incredible victory thanks to the weakness of some token minority Republican Senators.

Some of Bounds’ comments from his college days included the belief that multicultural organizations “divide up by race for their feel-good ethnic hoedowns.” He called out race-specific minority groups as hypocritical by saying that the “existence of ethnic organizations is no inevitable prerequisite to maintaining a diverse community—white students, after all, seem to be doing all right without an Aryan Student Union.” He also pointed out that liberals call blacks names like “oreos,” “Uncle Toms,” or “sell-outs” if they support conservative politics. These truthful sentiments were enough to destroy his reputation, and craven minority Republicans refused to stand by him against the liberal witch hunt.

The 9th District is the most incredibly partisan of all the courts, filled with liberal activist judges who regularly undermine Trump’s agenda. Due to the cowardice of Rubio and Scott, the 9th district will stay partisan as Democrats have another feather in their cap.

The question that all Republicans should be asking themselves in lieu of this situation is as follows: How is diversity making our party stronger? Perhaps the mindless embrace of multiculturalism isn’t helping create a stronger GOP.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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