Ronna McDaniel At YWLS: RNC “Ready To Protect And Defend” Trump’s Success

RNC Chair stresses party’s achievements ahead of crucial mid-term elections

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel appeared to be confident that the party was prepared for a strong showing in mid-term elections later this year.

“We are ready to protect and defend what’s happening in our country under Donald J. Trump,” she proclaimed.

“We have raised the most money of any party in history for a mid-term election – $184 million – that’s double the Democrats; we have trained 15,000 volunteers around the country for these mid-term elections – that’s 3 times more than 2016; we’ve made 7 million voter contacts – that’s the most in history; 500 staff in 27 states – the most staff we’ve ever had going into a mid-term election.”

She accused Democrats of being under the delusion that American women “only care about one thing”, clearly referring to birth control.

“We care about healthcare, we care about jobs, we care about national security, we care about education,” she said. “We recognize in the Republican Party that women are the whole voter, and they need to be treated with that respect. We want an economy that lets us chase our dreams and live the way we want to live and there is so much we want to accomplish, and we will, we just want the government to get out of our way.”

She also suggested the Democrats’ obsession with identity politics would hinder them in the upcoming elections, claiming that while the Democrats believed in “division”, the Republicans would run on the “results” they had delivered on during the Trump administration.

“Unemployment is at a historic low, our military is being funded, our veterans are being taken care of, our borders are more secure, our communities are safer – America has made an incredible comeback and we’re just getting started.”

The Republican National Committee came under heavy criticism for half-hearted support for Trump during the 2016 presidential race, but ultimately lined up behind their nominee in the final weeks of the race. This time round, it is clear that Trump and his agenda will be the centerpiece of the Republican campaign to maximize turnout for the party’s candidates up and down the ballot.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the Editor of The Schpiel.


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