Ron Paul Offends The PC Police Talking Cultural Marxism

The Creator of the Liberty Movement Had to Apologize for Posting Racy Cartoon

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been dogged with allegations of racism for many years, mainly due to offensive incendiary newsletters that were published carrying his name that he denied ever writing.

Now, Paul is in hot water again for a meme that was posted on his official Twitter account containing stereotypes including the infamous ‘Happy Merchant’ caricature that is classified by leftist groups such as the Anti-Defamation League as being anti-semitic. The meme also contained similar derogatory portrayals of Chinese, African-American and Mexican individuals.

The meme was deleted almost immediately after it was posted on Ron Paul’s official Twitter account. It can be seen here:

Paul immediately denied writing the Tweet with an apology of sorts on his Twitter account.

Paul’s social media groveling didn’t stop the digital lynch mob from smelling blood and chiding him for his thought crime.

Many libertarian critics of Ron Paul also piled on with their comments, including analysts affiliated with the pro-globalist CATO Institute which regularly propagandizes for open borders and internationalist trade deals such as NAFTA and the TPP.

“For god’s sake my libertarian friends, can we finally admit that, at the very least, [Paul is] criminally ignorant and negligent when it comes to race and ethnicity, and more likely just a good old-fashioned anti-Semite and racist?” bleeding heart libertarian Steve Horwitz wrote in a Facebook post.

“Growing impatient with dog whistles, are we? Yikes,” left-libertarian Adam Bates said on Facebook in response to Paul’s tweet.

Liberal media outlets including Salon, New Republic, Splinter and Raw Story are running with this story as more “proof” that Republicans and libertarians are closet Nazis.

It is worth noting that the cartoon posted on Paul’s twitter account was a forgery in and of itself. Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison was targeted by trolls on 4chan who repeatedly lined his benign political cartoons with anti-semitic and racist imagery. Garrison was forced to wage a campaign to clear his name after the cartoons were widely circulated.

While Paul’s mistake may have been embarrassing and brought more shame on the libertarian movement, it still pales in comparison to the embarrassment of the Libertarian National Convention – still underway in New Orleans as of right now.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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