Republican Establishment Punishes Virginia GOP For Choosing Corey Stewart

When the Republican Party elite don’t get their way, they will often retaliate, and that is what we are seeing in Virginia right now. After Corey Stewart defeated his establishment-backed opponent Nick Freitas by a narrow margin in the Republican primary race for US Senate earlier this week, the Republican establishment is now punishing Virginia for its choice.

According to the Bull Elephant, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) spent $2.6 million in Virginia on behalf of establishment Republican Ed Gillespie as he tried to defeat Ralph Northam for Governor last year. They will be withholding their big money for Stewart, whose support of America First and border security contradicts their push for illegal immigration and globalist trade agreements.

“When we look at the entire picture across the country, who are the folks that we can work with who are going to help us push those agenda items?” said JC Hernandez, who works as Virginia state director for AFP.

The Koch Brothers are pulling the strings for AFP and they consider keeping open borders, protecting illegal immigrants, and undoing Trump’s trade progress at the top of their agenda. They will be papering over Democrats throughout 2018 on those particular issues while ignoring Stewart and other populist fighters running to assist Trump in Washington D.C.

The Senate GOP’s campaign arm is also refusing to give Stewart any support, in a tacit endorsement for Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.

“At the senatorial committee we’re focusing on Missouri, Indiana, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Florida. There are great races around the country. [Virginia] is not the map,” said Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), who serves as Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “We have a big map this year, and what I’ve laid out in races that I’ve talked about, Virginia’s not on it.”

Similar to what they said about President Trump, the national experts are pillorying Stewart standing strong for his ideals and refusing to compromise them while under the gun.

“It’s been nine years since Republicans won a statewide election in Virginia, and at this rate, it may be a while longer,” said David Wasserman, a House analyst of the Cook Political Report. “I will also say that Stewart’s nomination could threaten Republican prospects down ballot, particularly in suburban House seats.”

The establishment GOP, the remnants of the fallen tea party and libertarian movements, and the Democratic Party apparatus will not be making it easy for Stewart to win in November as those interests desperately cling to the Washington D.C. swamp that sustains them.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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