Republican Billionaires Turn On Koch Bros

The Koch Brothers are becoming increasingly reviled by a conservative donor class on the Trump train.

As liberals become more unhinged, toxic and violent, reaching across the aisle can get you labeled as a Benedict Arnold in the age of Trump. Just ask the Koch Brothers, who were formerly seen as conservative heroes but have become pariahs for moving left to protect their profit margins.

Conservatives are quickly taking notice and souring on the Koch brothers and their influence on Republican politics. Journalist Charles C. Johnson reported that the donor class sustaining the GOP as a national force is becoming bored with bland Koch summits that focus on social justice and other leftist tropes.

“The Koch retreat has gone to sh-t,” a rich GOP donor told Johnson. “They let in the media four years ago because Charles Koch decided he wanted to be Mother Theresa. I liked him better when he was Darth Vader.”

Other wealthy, well-connected individuals in the GOP donor fold commented to Johnson against the Kochs as well.

“Their conference last year was about social justice and hating on the white man,” one donor said.

“The Koch family is becoming just like the Ford Foundation. If you give them money, you are helping the enemy,” another said.

The Kochs have emerged as a subversive influence within the Right as they attempt to undermine Trump’s ‘America First’ policies on trade and immigration. Trump responded by blasting them in a series of tweets.

“Their network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn,” he wrote last week. “They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker — a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again!”

“Charles Koch of Koch Brothers, who claims to be giving away millions of dollars to politicians even though I know very few who have seen this (?), now makes the ridiculous statement that what President Trump is doing is unfair to ‘foreign workers,’” Trump wrote. “He is correct, AMERICA FIRST!”

What we are seeing now with Trump targeting the Koch brothers is the swamp being drained in real time. The new Republican Party will be off limits for interests such as the Koch brothers who put their own financial well-being ahead of the well-being of America.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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