REPORT: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Is Next On Trump’s Post-Midterm Hit List

The DHS secretary has not been living up to her mandate serving in Trump’s administration

President Donald Trump is working feverishly to make America great again, but he invited some foxes into the hen house so to speak within his administration. Trump has appointed globalists to key positions of power for whatever reason, and is now working to get rid of these bad actors before they undermine his agenda further.

At the top of the list of these globalist infiltrators is Kirstjen Nielsen, his Department of Homeland Security secretary. Nielsen has been a favorite of neoconservatives and other Never Trumpers since her hiring was announced, and reports indicate that Trump believes her poor leadership is hindering his progress on stopping illegal immigration.

Liberal media outlets such as Vox note that Nielsen has been unable to live up to Trump’s strong rhetoric on immigration:

“People both within and outside the government understood at the time that the absurdly quiet border of Trump’s first months wouldn’t last, because for a year — through Kelly’s tenure and the beginning of Nielsen’s — tough talk was all the Trump administration had to offer.

People (and the smuggling networks that often facilitate their migration) make decisions about whether to migrate based on what they know about the potential outcome. When all they knew about that outcome was that Trump was talking tough, it made sense to wait and see what that tough talk turned into. When it became clear that the tough talk didn’t reflect the underlying reality — people who entered the US were still allowed to stay and seek asylum — the tough talk lost its efficacy.”

If Nielsen is replaced, it can be expected that her successor will be much more in line with Trump’s rhetoric. Kris Kobach, a Trump loyalist and favorite of the President, recently lost his bid for Kansas Governor and could use a new job. There are many others who would be willing to use their full authority in order to curb immigration, which Nielsen clearly has not done.

“If I were advising the White House, I’d encourage them to nominate someone with executive branch experience,” a senior DHS official told the Washington Post under the cover of anonymity. “This will be our fourth secretary in two years. The last thing we want is someone who needs hand-holding.”

Trump has promised to hire the best people, but that has not shown itself to be the case consistently. He must make sure to keep globalists and neocons on the outside while promoting strong conservatives, constitutionalists and nationalists into positions of power within his administration. The removal of Sessions at AG likely followed by the removal of Nielson at DHS are positive steps in the right direction.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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