Raheem Kassam: How To ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ To Win The War Against The Left

Kassam addressed the New York Young Republicans last week to talk about the new media.

The New York Young Republicans (NYYR) hosted Raheem Kassam of Human Events last Thursday to address attendees where he described his many successes and what he has learned from years of right-wing political advocacy in Europe as well as America.

Kassam addressed his time working as an adviser for Nigel Farage, how he was recruited by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to run Breitbart’s London bureau, learning the playbook of the fake news during the historic Brexit vote, and how the Left needs to be attacked by the Right.

“If we’re going to fight them, we have to fight fire with fire. I’m just not a peacetime conservative,” Kassam said.

He bashed weak conservatives for not realizing that they are in a war with the Left, and that the enemy must be defeated if Western Civilization is to be saved.

“It’s about defeating the other side. It is about defeating socialism. It is about defeating moral depravity… We do not want to leave our children to the world they want to build for them!” Kassam exclaimed to end his speech before taking questions.

Kassam took over the Human Events magazine with conservative attorney Will Chamberlain earlier this year, leaving Breitbart News to reboot the prestigious magazine that was founded 75 years ago to restore its lost relevance in the digital age.

NYYR President Gavin Wax noted that Human Events was once former President Ronald Reagan’s favorite magazine, and he believes “it is going to be the publication that’s going to be the next Breitbart of this next election cycle.”

“It’s going to be making the waves, it’s going to be changing the political discourse, and it’s going to be really paving the way for not only Trump’s incoming presidency but populist and conservative movements the world over,” Wax said of Human Events.

Independent, pro-Trump journalist Jack Posobiec also appeared at the event. He is an anchor with the One America News Network where he is the upstart’s most visible personality. OANN has gotten great publicity after several re-tweets from none other than President Trump himself.

The new media landscape is taking shape, and it will ultimately be decided by the consumer rather than by powerful corporate interests. These leading voices that will be shaping discourse for generations were on full display at the New York Young Republicans Club last week.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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