President Trump: I Have No Attorney General!

Trump recently said he doesn’t ‘have an Attorney General’ because Jeff Sessions has done such a poor job in the role

President Donald Trump is under siege from the deep state in Washington D.C. and the swamp has even infiltrated his administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was supposed to be the immigration hawk the Trump White House needed to be formidable, but he has disappointed on every front.

“I don’t have an attorney general. It’s very sad,” Trump said on Wednesday.

In addition to recusing himself from the Russian investigation, Sessions has failed to deliver on the immigration front as well. The wall has yet to be built, and immigrants still pour in through the southern border. Sessions has instead focused on the failed war on drugs, a fetish of Mr. Magoo going back many decades.

“We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger,” Sessions said, echoing ‘Reefer Madness’ talking points regarding cannabis that are laughable to anyone under the age of 65.

Although Trump is not particularly keen on the drug war, Sessions puts his own authoritarian agenda before Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. This is apart of the reason why Trump is so frustrated.

“I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things, not just [the Russia situation],” Trump said.

Other globalists have wormed their way into Trump’s administration – including but not limited to U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley; and Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen – but Sessions has been uniquely awful in his role as AG. He has constantly given cover to Trump’s critics such as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein while being tightlipped when it comes to defending his boss against deep state attacks.

“[Sessions] gets in and probably because of the experience that he had going through the nominating when somebody asked him the first question about Hillary Clinton or something he said ‘I recuse myself, I recuse myself,’” Trump said.

“I’m disappointed in the attorney general for numerous reasons but we have an attorney general — I’m disappointed in the attorney general for many reasons and you understand that,” Trump added.

Trump has always said he hires the best people, but he would certainly like a mulligan when it comes to hiring Sessions. It has become abundantly clear that Sessions is the deep state’s inside man inside the Trump administration. The deep state spooks must have some dirt on the Keebler elf.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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