Plymouth Rock And Other U.S. Cultural Landmarks Defaced On President’s Day

Leftists strike again.

Extreme leftists, emboldened by their progress against Confederate monuments, are now on the path of destruction against other American historical artifacts.

This is particularly evident after Plymouth Rock and other cultural landmarks were hit with graffiti in the dead of night, leaving individuals disgusted and heart-broken as a result.

“Why? Why? Why would someone do this?” Gayle Manning asked as she looked down at the defaced symbol of the greatness of American colonialism. She noted that the attack on Plymouth Rock comes near the 400-year anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing and on President’s Day, suggesting that the vandalism was done to send a clear message.

“This is just one of our historic monuments that was hit. We will begin clean up as soon as possible and the police are investigating,” said Town Manager Melissa Arrighi in a Twitter post.

In addition to Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrim Maiden statue was also defaced along with the memorial granite bench as well four of the Scallop Roll statues by the vandals, according to Police Chief Michael Botieri. The clean-up is now underway and will largely come at the expense of the taxpayer. There are no current leads in finding the parties responsible for the senseless acts.

Although no motive has been officially established, authorities also found anti-police graffiti on the base of the National Monument to the Forefathers, which was a little over a mile away. This suggests that the graffiti is just the latest high-profile incident of ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter anti-American thuggery.

“Seeing this type of disrespect for the historic reminders of the Mayflower story is both sad and unsettling,” said Lea Filson, who works as the executive director of tourism agency See Plymouth, in a statement.

“The outpouring of concern and anger over the incident has been a positive ending to a thoughtless gesture,” she added.

Nevertheless, they are undaunted by the petty actions of the vandals and will continue to preserve American history throughout this consequential year.

“As Plymouth commemorates the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower this year, we have already begun welcoming international and domestic visitors. The waterfront and the historic district are safe, well- lit, and will continue to welcome all who visit,” Filson said.

With groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter being harbored and allowed to commit acts of destruction without consequence, no monument dedicated to American history is safe.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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