Our Acting Attorney General Is a Confirmed Chad Nationalist

The left is panicking because they know Matthew Whitaker is a real man, unlike his predecessor

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was hated by the Left for decades due to his Christian conservative beliefs and support for harsh, Draconian drug policies, but now they love him. Because he allowed his boss to be undermined without so much as lifting a finger by the Dem-lead Russian witch hunt, the Left applauded Sessions and widely protested his recently firing.

But now there’s a new Sheriff in town, and this Sheriff is a confirmed Chad. The acting attorney general replacing Sessions at least temporarily is Matthew Whitaker, and he touts a strong conservative record that few can match.

Propagandist Ian Millhiser of Soros-funded drivel mill ThinkProgress wrote an article bemoaning Whitaker’s tremendous constitutional bona fides. Millhiser cited an interview where Whitaker made the following statement regarding the Supreme Court:

“The courts are supposed to be the inferior branch of our three branches of government. We have unfortunately off loaded many of our tough public policy issues onto the court and they’ve decided hem [sic]. Unelected judges are deciding many of the issues of the day. There are so many (bad rulings). I would start with the idea of Marbury v. Madison. That’s probably a good place to start and the way it’s looked at the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of constitutional issues. We’ll move forward from there. All New Deal cases that were expansive of the federal government. Those would be bad. Then all the way up to the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate.”

This echoes the statements of Thomas Jefferson, who believed that nullification of federal acts by the states was the “rightful remedy” against tyranny and injustice. If that wasn’t good enough, Millhiser also pointed out some of Whitaker’s other positions. The new acting AG questions the constitutionality of Social Security, opposes the minimum wage, wants to end chain migration, supports disbanding the federal Department of Education, and is skeptical of the theory of man-made climate change.

“Whitaker is simultaneously tossing red meat to wild-eyed radicals who think that courts should be stripped of the power of judicial review, while also tossing red meat to a different set of radicals who believe that the Supreme Court’s right flank should turn judicial review up to eleven,” Millhiser said in his biased rag.

In order words: WHITAKER IS BASED. Mr. Magoo and his microscopic elven testicles are no more. A real man is in the position of power, the type of man who President Trump can be proud of!

If you aren’t convinced of Whitaker’s status as a Chad Nationalist, check out the cover image on his Twitter account:

We finally have a man worthy of the “God Emperor” title in the role of Attorney General. Let’s just hope that Trump formalizes this appointment and makes it permanent before long!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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