Omarosa’s Illicit Espionage

This bitter woman likely committed federal crimes by releasing audio from the White House Situation Room.

Desperate to keep her notoriety alive, former White House aide Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman is claiming to have audio from the White House Situation Room that she is shopping around to damage her former employer and sell her upcoming book.

But unfortunately for her, this jilted hellcat may have just committed a serious federal felony.

The Situation Room is located in the basement of the White House, and people are mandated to jettison their electronic devices before they enter. Omarosa, who was accused by Chief of Staff John Kelly of having integrity issues in the leaked audio, proved the White House’s assessment to be indisputably correct when she committed this disreputable act of espionage.

President Trump and his administration are not happy about the pathetic and irresponsible behavior of this former underling.

“The very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the White House Situation Room shows a blatant disregard for our national security — and then to brag about it on national television further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former White House employee,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said.

The Trump administration is currently looking into ways to hold Omarosa accountable for her petty, reckless, anti-American actions. It shouldn’t be hard to do, as even legal analysts on Trump-hating MSNBC admit Omarosa’s obvious criminality.

“There is likely a technical crime or two that’s been committed here,” retired legal analyst Joyce Vance said on MSNBC.

“Typically I wouldn’t think that the president’s chief of staff would need to take an employee into the Situation Room to fire them,” Vance said. “And it seems like he may have taken her into the Situation Room contemplating that as a secure facility, she wouldn’t be able to take a phone or another recording device in with her.”

It will likely only be a matter of time before Omarosa is behind bars where she belongs and one more impediment toward making America great again is removed!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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