MENSCH: Nick Langworthy Is The Right Choice To Lead New York Republicans In The Age Of Trump

The grassroots champion’s ascension to this post shows a changing of the guard in the NYGOP.

Nick Langworthy is officially taking power at the helm of the New York Republican Party tonight, signaling a desperately needed changing of the guard within the state Republican Party during the age of President Donald Trump.

The annual meeting of the state Republicans takes place tonight where Langworthy will be named new chairman at the end of the meeting. Langworthy is already coming out guns blazing against the radical Democrats who are quickly taking New York down the road to socialism.

“What we’ve seen out of Albany and Cuomo’s Democratic Party is, they’ve put criminals and their rights ahead of the rights of the hard-working taxpayers of the state,” Langworthy said, making the point that he will focus on “re-branding the party” to center around taxpayers.

Langworthy is taking over for former Chairman Ed Cox, who led the state party for a decade, surrendering total control over the New York legislature to the Democrats, and even endorsed anti-Trump establishment favorite Nicole Malliotakis for Congress in a fundraising letter on his way out the door.

“I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle but for outgoing Chairman of the State GOP to use his position to advance the fundraising efforts for the primary opponent is disappointing,” her pro-Trump primary challenger Joey ‘Salads’ Saladino said to The Schpiel after Cox’s shameful display.

“I’ve been to numerous events where it has been almost exclusively the activists and true believers – and none of the official leadership of the party. We need to change that, and I believe Chairman Langworthy is doing just that,” Saladino added.

Langworthy is leaving his long-time post at the helm of the Erie County Republican Party to lead the state GOP. He held the county chairman post for the past nine years, turning Erie into a model for the nation. He will be working with local party officials to ensure continuity in his absence.

“My plan is to work with officers of the Erie County Republican Party to create a 60-day transition plan for the chairmanship,” he said. “It’s very important that we have as much continuity as possible, and I think we have the talent in our officers and leadership that we will not miss a trick in this election.”

“The 60-day window will allow me to wrap up what’s going on here and set the table for the next person to be in a position to succeed,” he added. “I expect this to be a decision made by the party’s Executive Committee, and I don’t expect it to be any sort of a contested thing.”

The Republicans of New York are undergoing a conservative renaissance right now. In addition to Langworthy coming into power, openly gay Trump supporter Ian Walsh Reilly recently fended off establishment opposition to stay atop the prestigious Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City. Reilly’s pro-Trump ally, Gavin Wax has recently become the President of the New York Young Republicans as well.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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