Mollie Tibbetts’ Family Uses Daughter’s Death To Virtue-Signal

These comments show that liberalism is a sick cult that robs people of their basic humanity.

Following the gruesome murder of Iowa University student Mollie Tibbetts, the American public is enraged and demanding answers. The prime suspect is 24-year-old illegal immigrant Christian Bahena-Rivera, who is alleged to have committed the heinous crime.

Conservatives immediately took to Twitter to demand that this never happen again.

Predictably and cowardly, liberals are attempting to sweep this under the rug and make excuses for the illegal immigrant terror.

Even President Trump weighed in on the tragedy during a rally last night:

Then, Mollie’s own family weighed in. She carried anti-Trump, anti-white, pro-social justice beliefs when she lived. Her family obviously instilled those values into their daughter, as they took the opportunity to virtue-signal publicly following Mollie’s gruesome murder likely at the hands of an illegal.

This ordeal is catastrophic on multiple levels, but it really shows a glimpse into the dark pathology of the multicultural leftist cult. These folks will even sacrifice their own children on the altar of diversity. This is why the Western influx of the third-world is so dangerous because these sick liberals will enable the worst traits of these invaders every step of the way.

The Mollie Tibbetts story is beyond tragic, and the most tragic aspect of the case is that it will likely happen again because of millions of liberal enablers throughout the nation.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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  1. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe Mollie’s parents just feel sorrow at the death of their daughter and they hope that hateful media spin won’t make one incident into a call to arms (or walls).

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