Michael Moore To Flee To Canada

The socialist subversive sees our northern neighbor as a welcome safe haven

Far-left propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore has suggested that he could depart the United States for Canada after the release of his new documentary film, Fahrenheit 11/9, according to a report by Canadian state media.

Bizarrely, Moore, who has called for the democratically elected President of the United States to be removed by Congress, accused the U.S. administration of undermining democracy during a speech at the Toronto Film Festival.

“[Trump] absolutely hates democracy, and he believes in the autocrat, in the authoritarian,” Moore claimed. “I want us to survive this, but I can’t make any guarantees that that’s what’s going to happen. We’re in a bad place. We’re on the precipice of some very awful stuff.”

During the documentary, Moore compares the election of Donald Trump to the rise of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany. Despite this, however, Moore has himself championed authoritarian governments, such as Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, which is currently engaged in a violent crackdown against its own people.

However, when it comes to deciding a country to flee to, Moore appears to have passed over Latin America. Instead, he has chosen Canada as his safe haven from which to incite violence against the United States. Under the rule of left-wing dynast Justin Trudeau, Canada has increasingly become a rogue state, frequently engaging in belligerent activity towards other nations, including the United States. Anti-American extremists have gravitated towards it, believing the country’s government to be deeply sympathetic to their interests.

Nevertheless, Moore laments that Trumpian populism has become increasingly influential among the Canadian opposition, which seeks to do away with the Trudeau regime and restore freedom to the North American nation.

“Clearly, anyone can fall for it. Even Canadians can get played. But look, Doug Ford would have to go a long way to match Trump,” Moore stated, referring to the populist Premier of Ontario, a vocal opponent of the Trudeau regime.

It is becoming more and more clear that a country American taxpayers have paid to protect is instead becoming a safe haven for violent extremists. Recognizing the security threat, President Trump has enacted heavy trade restrictions in order to bring about the “ruination” of the Trudeau regime. As relations between the United States and Canada reach an all-time low, it remains to be seen whether further action will be taken by the Trump administration.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the Managing Editor of The Schpiel.


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