Meet The Beauty Queen And American Patriot Running For Congress

President Trump needs energetic and passionate patriots to win back Congressional seats in 2020, in order to pass an America First Agenda through the House and Senate. The Republican momentum continues to build as dynamic young patriots emerge to lead the GOP in 2020, and build electoral momentum for conservative policies that will protect future generations of Americans and retain America’s role as the world’s leading superpower.

Nevada’s Fourth District is ripe to win back for the GOP, where Lisa Song Sutton, a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist is running to replace Democrat Steven Horsford. The former Miss Nevada was raised by a Vietnam War Veteran and a Korean immigrant, and is ready to advocate for the military and small business owners in Congress.

In an interview with The Schpiel, Song Sutton elaborated on why Democrat Steven Horsford is not fit to represent Nevada’s 4th District in Congress. “At least here in District 4, the community has realized that [Congressman] Horsford has chosen to leave Nevada behind,” Song Sutton said. “He is raising his family in Virginia, not in North Las Vegas. How can you be engaged in a community that you no longer have a direct stake in, other than a paycheck so long as you stay elected? We need more business people in Congress. We need more representatives who don’t have to rely on taxpayer’s money to fund their living costs and lifestyle. And we need more people who are willing to be advocates for the communities they live and work in.”

President Trump and the Republican Party need congressional candidates like Lisa Song Sutton who believe in an America First agenda, the free market, independence, limited government control and less regulation. We also need politicians that will focus on getting things done for their communities, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

After opening her shipping business, she decided to run for office because she was shocked that local residents struggle for basic services.  Song Sutton told The Schpiel, “This District is massive and there is so much need, ranging from food deserts, to medical deserts, to a lack of military veteran resources. There’s an area of the population that grocery shops at 7-11/mini marts, because that’s the closest “grocery store” they can walk to. It’s unacceptable. The final straw for me was calling around to our current elected officials’ offices and either not being able to contact anyone at all, or being told that they have ‘competing priorities.’ People here are not being listened to, nor cared for, and they need a representative who is willing to put the community first.”

Congressional Democrats want to pass a socialist agenda, but they have overplayed their media attention and public support more than it may appear. Constitutionally minded patriots who are energetic and can articulate their values in a clear way need to run for office like Lisa Song Sutton. Only then will we make a true difference in changing our toxic atmosphere in Washington D.C.

It is time for dynamic young patriots who are not career politicians to stand up against the liberal socialist agenda in addition to the lazy, low energy, career politicians on both sides of the aisle in Congress that don’t get anything done. If they do not, we might not have the freedoms and a Constitutional Republic to pass on to the next generation.

Written by Meghan McNulty

Meghan McNulty is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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