McGregor, Cerrone Fight Off

McGregor Reportedly Won’t Fight in Co-Main Event, Wants Re-match With Khabib

The Notorious Conor McGregor does what the fook he wants, and what he wants is to be the main event.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (35-11) has been in constant talks with the UFC since January regarding a non-title fight against the original OG Champ, Champ Conor McGregor (21-4). However, negotiations hit a snag once McGregor’s camp was told the bout would be a Co-Main Event fight.

McGregor, who hasn’t fought since October 6, 2018, where he was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fourth round, is still the UFC’s biggest star. Fans flock from around the world to watch The Notorious and take part in the circus that surrounds him.

“Conor won’t fight unless it’s a main event,” Cerrone said. “I don’t know if it’s an ego thing or a status thing for him. I don’t give a sh-t. I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, and I stand by that all the time. I guess he’s a prima donna and only takes main event spots. I don’t know.”

Well, Cerrone may be right. McGregor only takes main event spots, but he’s earned that right. He has been the most entertaining fighter since Muhammad Ali. UFC 229 (McGregor vs. Khabib) destroyed UFC pay-per-view records, giving Conor the three biggest pay-per-view shows in the history of the UFC. A McGregor vs. Cerrone card would no doubt deliver incredible numbers. Perhaps not top three or top five, but it would still sell. Conor McGregor fighting a cardboard cutout would sell.

UFC President Dana White suggested the fight just didn’t happen due to McGregor wanting a rematch with Nurmagomedov. Nonetheless, Cerrone’s patience is wearing thin.

“We were all waiting on Conor for April, and he said he wasn’t ready,” Cerrone said. “I don’t know how in one breath you can say, ‘I’ll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere,’ and the next one say, ‘I’m not ready for that one.’

“I’m more annoyed that he went radio silent after putting it out. I get it – You want to stay relevant by putting it out there, but then you can’t go radio silent. Sack up, bit-h Sign the fuc-ing paper.”

McGregor has been serving a six-month suspension for his role in a melee that preceded the Nurmagomedov fight.

No matter who McGregor fights next, one thing is for certain: The fans want to see him fight, and the UFC needs him to fight.

Written by John Seravalli

John Seravalli is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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