Magic Ballot Theory: Post-Election Day Votes Usually Favor Democrats

A week and a half after Election Day, fresh ballots still surface like mushrooms. In tight races from Arizona to Georgia and — most notably — Florida, such votes somehow seem to favor Democrats.

GOP Congresswoman Martha McSally held the edge in her campaign against Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona. Republican-rich counties reported their votes soon after polls closed. And then the days-long wait began for votes from Democrat-heavy Maricopa County. Once those ballots were tabulated, McSally’s margin evaporated, and Sinema rallied. Without even asking what happened, or learning how to avoid such delays next time, McSally swiftly conceded via a video co-starring her dog — perhaps the only creature to emerge unsullied.

Georgia’s gubernatorial race also has endured its share of sorcery. “A cache of 5,500 provisional and mail-in ballots was reported that showed Republican Brian Kemp’s lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams shrinking slightly to about 59,000 votes,” Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ reported. “Some came from counties that days earlier reported all votes had been tallied.”

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones ruled Wednesday that Georgia’s “Secretary of State is ENJOINED from certifying the State Election results until she has confirmed that each county’s returns include the counts for absentee ballots where the birth date was omitted or incorrect.” It’s one thing to forget to jot your date of birth on an absentee ballot. But why would any honest person use a false birth date?

Fittingly enough, Florida once again has crowned itself America’s amusement park of voting shenanigans. Recountland is mired in endless ballot woes.

Republican Matt Caldwell went to sleep on Election Night thinking that he had beaten Democrat Nicole Fried for state agriculture commissioner by some 40,000 votes. But as ballots later materialized, his lead shrank into a 3,120-vote deficit.

“Over the course of the last two and half days, the Broward supervisor has continued to magically find boxes of ballots that have potentially altered the course of the race,” Caldwell told the Fort Meyers News-Press on November 9. “And after all that time, we still cannot get a straight answer as to where they came from, when they were cast. We just heard there is another magical box of 2,100 ballots they supposedly found here” on November 9.

The next day saw 266 stray ballots languish at an Opa-locka post office. The ballots were discovered too late to be counted, although Democrats are suing to tally them.

A box of blank provisional ballots was discovered in the trunk of an Avis automobile at Fort Lauderdale’s airport on November 11. The car was rented by Noah Holliman Jr., a Democrat employee of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections and a donor to Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum. Richard DeNapoli of the Florida Republican State Committee said: “It is downright nuts that blank ballots and other material from the Broward SOE is floating around in a rental car.”

Broward and Palm Beach counties have stumbled or connived their way through this fiasco. Election authorities failed to report total ballots on hand and refused to update votes every 45 minutes, as legally required. In a letter to her state’s Law Enforcement Commissioner Rick Swearingen, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi complained Sunday about “Reports of the supervisor of elections office willfully and illegally counting ballots that were rejected by the canvassing board” and stopping observers from “attending the counting of ballots…”

Raising these concerns might make me a white nationalist. That said, those who call vote-fraud accusations a vast, Right-wing, racist plot should peruse the Heritage Foundation’s relevant database. It documents 1,019 criminal convictions for vote fraud. Not indictments. Criminal convictions— 1,019 of them.

Is all of this grotesque incompetence or genuine fraud? The jury is out. Perhaps convening a grand jury or five would settle this for good. But for now, even if there is no fire, there is enough smoke here to kill an elephant.

Written by Deroy Murdock

Deroy Murdock is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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