Lindsey The Alpha Defends His President, Flexes On Mitt Romney For Traitorous Op/Ed

Romney, now a Utah Senator, is alienating his fellow Republicans with his continuous push to undermine Big DJT

Mitt Romney refuses to go away, even after being a two-time Presidential loser and national pariah renowned for his flip-flopping. He won a position in the U.S. Senate in the Mormon stronghold of Utah during last year’s mid-term elections.

With all due respect to the Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons seem more like morons for putting this colossal loser back into politics. He is off to a particularly bad start, penning a cowardly traitorous op/ed against Trump in the Washington Post. Romney is openly colluding with Trump’s mainstream media globalist enemies to undermine his ‘America First’ MAGA agenda.

But pussboi Romney wasn’t counting on the push-back he would receive from the poster child of Super Male Vitality. The newly metamorphosed ubermensch of the Senate, Lindsey Graham (R-Dirty South) is putting R-Money on blast for being a ‘Never Trump’ punk b-tch.

“Well, how does it work to the advantage of the people of Utah?” Graham asked while appearing on Fox News radio. Sen. Big Balls Pussyslayer was just getting warmed up.

“He decided to go back into public service; I’m glad he did,” Graham said about Romney. “Now, what drove him back into public service? Was it to be a foe of President Trump? I hope not because I don’t think the people of Utah voted for him to do that.”

“Trump is not short of critics,” Graham added. “What he’s short of is people who will sit down with him and tell him the truth as they see it and help him make good decisions. He is our president. I will support him in 2020.”

Graham, who has been voted by his peers as the Senate’s most eligible bachelor 30 years in a row, ended his tirade against Romney with an appeal to his better side. Although he is the undoubtedly the Senate’s biggest and brawniest and most thot patrolling Chad, he still has not lost his sense of decency.

“What I want Sen. Romney to know, it’s not just about Trump — it’s about us,” Graham concluded, “And remember what they tried to do to you, Mitt, when they got through with you? You were a bad guy. The truth is, you’re a good guy, but in their world you will always be a bad guy if you try to cross them on policy.”

Romney better fall in line, or Trump will completely humiliate him. Trump took down many better men than he in 2016. DJT will not hesitate to destroy Romney and emasculate him on the grand stage. R-Money’s undermining of Trump may even sabotage his chipmunk-faced daughter’s chances to be a political star in the years to come. Back down, Willard. You must cuck like you always do, but for the cause of nationalism this time!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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