Liberal Jews And Islamists Unite Under Democratic Banner

What is happening to Europe is now happening in America and we have the leftists to thank for it.

While an alliance of liberal Jewish Democrats and radical Islamists doesn’t seem to make much sense, they do have one mutual enemy in common: America. The liberal Jewish Democrats want to destroy America by turning it into a totalitarian socialist state with the Bill of Rights ripped to shreds while the Islamists want Sharia.

Perhaps that is why Carly Pildis, described as an organizing and advocacy professional living in Washington DC, wrote the following in the Jewish Daily Forward about the in-flux of radical Muslims through the Democratic Party ranks:

“I felt such joy when I realized that we are likely to welcome not one but two Muslim congresswoman in 2019.

And yet.

That potent high soon turned to doubt and fear for myself and many members of the Jewish community when Omar referred to the “Apartheid Israeli regime,” and Tlaib promised to vote to end aid to Israel.”

Despite holding steadfast beliefs that are openly hostile to Jewish interests, the deranged liberal Pildis still cheers on their rise within the Democratic Party fold because of the unassailable liberal false idol of diversity.

“Omar’s comments claiming Israel to be an Apartheid government are repugnant to me and ignore the complexities of the conflict. Many American Jews have serious concerns about the current government, including the nation-state law, the lack of religious pluralism and LGBTQ rights, the treatment of refugees, and much more…

Omar is an inspiration to many, including me, with her incredible journey from refugee to America’s first Somali elected official and likely to be the first African refugee elected to Congress. These would be incredible achievements for anyone, especially someone who is only 36 years old.

This is the America progressives want to believe in and nurture.”

This is similar to what is happening in Europe where hostile outsiders are being protected by the liberal elite who cares more about promoting multiculturalism than protecting their nation, their culture and their people.

Pildis also celebrated the victory of the transgender “female” gubernatorial candidate in Vermont as well as the native American lady running for Congress in Kansas. The left is never particularly concerned about their actual qualifications, only about their race and gender. Perhaps conservative documentarian Dinesh D’Souza was onto something when he posited that Democrats are the real racists!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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