Lewandowski: I Will ‘Come Out Of Retirement’ To Smack Down OG Libertarian Bill Weld

If this ‘man who’s grown up with immense privilege his entire life’ wants to challenge Trump in the GOP primary, Lewandowski would beat him for fun!

Corey Lewandowski, who worked as Donald Trump’s national campaign manager and remains a close confidant to the President, is calling out William Weld – the liberal former Massachusetts governor turned Libertarian Party figurehead who is a rumored GOP primary opponent against Trump in 2020.

“This is a man who just can’t get enough of the spotlight,” Lewandowski said of Weld to WMUR 9. “This is a man who’s grown up with immense privilege his entire life and just wants to stay relevant.”

“If Bill Weld wants to get into the race for president of the United States against Donald John Trump, I will come out of retirement just to beat him for fun,” Lewandowski added. “There’s no appetite (among Republicans) for an alternative to the president, and the question that I would have for Bill Weld is, which policies of this president do you disagree with?”

Because of his many policy successes, Lewandowski believes that Weld and other potential primary challengers have no opportunity to upend Trump and his MAGA agenda.

“Why is that Bill Weld thinks that he is going to bring something to the table that Donald Trump hasn’t delivered?” Lewandowski said. “The difference is, Bill Weld wants to stay relevant. He very likely has no issue with the president’s policies because the president’s policies of America first are what the American people care about.”

WMUR 9 speculates on Weld’s possible thought process heading into 2020:

“Amid rampant speculation that he is strongly considering running for president, and most likely as a Republican, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld told WMUR on Thursday that he will have nothing to say about the matter for about two weeks but will make his plans known in New Hampshire…

Another key New Hampshire Republican who has known Weld for many years said Weld told him several months ago that he will eventually take a leave from his post at a law firm in Boston. Concord-based attorney and strategist Tom Rath also said Weld asked him in a telephone conversation late last year about “the lay of the land” in the Granite State.

Weld, who served as a Republican governor from 1991-1997, was the Libertarian vice presidential nominee in the 2016 election and criticized Trump regularly on the campaign trail, while withholding criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Weld told WMUR in an email Thursday that he will address a possible candidacy on Feb. 15 when he is scheduled to speak at a traditional “Politics and Eggs” breakfast at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. The breakfast, co-sponsored by the institute and the New England Council, is a must-stop for presidential candidates in the Granite State.

Weld represents the GOP status quo of old, having supported the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, gun control, carbon taxes and globalist trade deals in the past. He endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 and is a great friend to Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. His most recent hypocrisy is also rather stunning and won’t help him in the Republic primary.

“I’m a Libertarian for life,” Weld said back in 2016 when he was the Vice Presidential candidate for Gary Johnson.

Now, just a little over two years later, Weld is ready to turn his back on loyal Libertarians and return to the GOP fold for another shot at the spotlight. If Weld actually has the Hubris to take on Trump, it will be a final sad chapter of the deservedly forgotten career of an establishment insider bureaucrat.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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