Joey Salads Stands Up Against Assault On Girlfriend By Rabid, Pro-Ilhan Omar Demonstrators

Meanwhile, his primary opponent Nicole Malliotakis was too scared to face the heat.

New York Republican Congressional candidate, Joseph “Joey Salads” Saladino attended a “Tell Max Rose: Remove Ilhan Omar from HFC ASAP” rally this weekend to oppose the silence of Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) regarding anti-Semitism, and dealt with unruly leftist protesters who accosted his girlfriend.

Joey Salads approached counter-protesters who were angry that Republicans were rallying against the anti-Semitism of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-NY), and they were not happy to engage in a peaceful discussion. When Joey Salads refused to back down against the mob, that is when things got ugly.

The anti-AIPAC and pro-Omar protesters refused to talk with Saladino who wanted to have a conversation about public policy. After that, they began mindlessly repeating chants in favor of Muslims and became surly. That is when Saladino had to intervene after leftist activists confronted his girlfriend, Gila, who was holding a camera.

“All I wanted was Joey to speak to those present at the protest on both sides. I want to thank everyone who spoke to Joey in good faith and how supportive they were of him and his campaign. The ones who tried to shut him up and tried to physically escalate the situation, we hope they will be more open minded next time. We have to faith in our fellow citizens,” said Vish Burra, Saladino’s Campaign Manager, who can be seen in the videos.

Joey Salads was heated following the display, showing that he’s the man with the fighting spirit needed to challenge Max Rose for his Congressional seat.

Despite the violent display from the leftists, Joey Salads remains undaunted. He will continue to reach out the olive branch to his political enemies despite their violent, unhinged behavior because that is what a leader needs to do.

“Look, I want to be the Congressman for all of NY-11, and that means speaking with people who I don’t agree with. If we can’t speak to one another, what happens then? We need to cross lines and speak to one another like adults,” Saladino said.

The Saladino campaign is calling for Max Rose to denounce the violent displays from his likely supporters. Joey Salads blames the cowardice of Democratic legislators like Rose for lacking the backbone to stand up against the extremist threats on the Left as they continue to radicalize and grow more openly violent in the age of Trump.

Speaking of cowardice, Saladino’s primary opponent in the GOP, Nicole Malliotakis, didn’t even bother to show up to the protest. Perhaps the Trump-hating Marco Rubio backer and establishment Republican was off fundraising with the crony class instead of fighting for the people.

“When you think about what you want this country to look like in the future, when we think about where we need to go, it is so important that we get people like Nicole to Washington,” said Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), whose father engineered an Iraq War that President Trump called the biggest mistake in U.S. history, of Malliotakis.

Joey Salads is the clear choice for New York’s 3rd Congressional District where an anti-establishment fighter is needed to defeat spineless Max Rose.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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