OY VEY: Joey Salads’ Campaign Calls Out ‘Never Trump’ Malliotakis For Immigration Hypocrisy

New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is playing the role of immigration hawk for political expediency.

Congressman Max Rose (D-Staten Island) co-sponsored legislation that would give up to 3.5 million illegal immigrants amnesty after breaking the law. Rose’s amnesty bill was passed this week in the House by a 237-to-187 vote, but if it gets through the GOP-dominated Senate, Trump will veto the measure.

New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-Bay Ridge) is supposedly fuming over this bill, but her legitimacy is in serious doubt after her history of ‘Never Trump’ behavior.

“The bill [Rose co-sponsored] even prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from accessing state and federal gang databases to prevent Green Cards from getting into the wrong hands,” said Malliotakis, who hopes to challenge for Rose’s seat in New York’s 11th District as the Republican contender in 2020.

“All of this will cost you $35 billion without allocating a penny toward border security to resolve our current crisis,” she added.

While she may use the rhetoric of an immigration hawk, the campaign of her GOP primary rival, YouTube star Joey ‘Salads’ Saladino, is not buying that this liberal Republican really cares about curbing immigration.

“We’re glad our primary opponent could join us in opposing Max Rose’s xenophilic tokenism. However, given the primary opponent’s record of being vehemently anti-Trump, we believe the statement is not serious, and their team merely saw the recent polling that Republican voters are now viewing immigration as a top-5 issue,” said Adam Korzeniewski, who works as Political Director for Saladino’s campaign, to The Schpiel.

Malliotakis obviously doesn’t care much about immigration reform because she stated on the campaign trail in her failed attempt to unseat Bill de Blasio as Mayor that she regretted her alleged vote for President Trump. She would have preferred Sen. Marco “Amnesty” Rubio (R-FL) as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016 over Trump.

“In hindsight what I really wish is that Marco Rubio was the Republican nominee. He wasn’t,” Malliotakis told the Daily News. “I voted for the person who I thought would shake things up.”

If she had a do-over, she would have never voted for Trump. She would have thrown her vote away with a write-in for her establishment darling, Rubio.

“I’d write in Marco Rubio…I’d write in Marco Rubio so that I could tell you I voted Marco Rubio,” Malliotakis said, telling the liberal media that she disagreed with Trump’s strong immigration proposals such as building the wall.

Years later, Malliotakis is attempting to re-invent herself as a border hawk to win a heated primary challenge against Joey Salads, her devotedly pro-Trump challenger.

“Immigration goes to the heart of where we go as a nation, and the Saladino campaign chooses to reform our policies,” Korzeniewski said.

While Malliotakis is an ambitious politician working the system for her own ambitions, Joey Salads is an independent pro-Trump activist who was on the Trump train before it was fashionable. He has taken the fight to ‘Never Trump’ liberals with stunts and videos that have received an amazing one billion views on various social media accounts.

He understands the issue of immigration in a way that his Rubio clone primary challenger never possibly could.

“America is dependent on a smaller and smaller working class of people each year to provide for millions of others,” Saladino said of Rose’s amnesty bill.

“People aren’t assimilating anymore,” Saladino added. “They have no reason to when the Democratic party treats immigration as a way to punish the American working class who refuse to act like tax-serfs.”

While there wouldn’t be much of a difference between Malliotakis or Rose in Congress, Joey Salads would be a boisterous ally for President Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda at a time when he desperately needs them.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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